Sylvain Tome
Sylvain Tome
Enseignant Assistant, Universite de Douala, CSIR-TWAS Postgr, Humboldt and DAAD Postdoctorate fellow
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Citat de
Lateritic soil based-compressed earth bricks stabilized with phosphate binder
AG Mimboe, MT Abo, JNY Djobo, S Tome, RC Kaze, JGN Deutou
Journal of Building Engineering 31, 101465, 2020
Reaction kinetics and rheological behaviour of meta-halloysite based geopolymer cured at room temperature: Effect of thermal activation on physicochemical and microstructural …
CR Kaze, T Alomayri, A Hasan, S Tome, GL Lecomte-Nana, ...
Applied Clay Science 196, 105773, 2020
Synthesis, characterization and application of acid and alkaline activated volcanic ash-based geopolymers for adsorptive remotion of cationic and anionic dyes from water
S Tome, DT Hermann, VO Shikuku, S Otieno
Ceramics International 47 (15), 20965-20973, 2021
Characterization and leachability behaviour of geopolymer cement synthesised from municipal solid waste incinerator fly ash and volcanic ash blends
S Tome, MA Etoh, J Etame, K Sanjay
Recycling 3 (4), 50, 2018
Mechanical strength and microstructure of metakaolin/volcanic ash-based geopolymer composites reinforced with reactive silica from rice husk ash (RHA)
A Nana, N Epey, KC Rodrique, JGN Deutou, JNY Djobo, S Tomé, ...
Materialia 16, 101083, 2021
Powdered banana peel in calcined halloysite replacement on the setting times and engineering properties on the geopolymer binders
JGD Nemaleu, RC Kaze, S Tome, T Alomayri, H Assaedi, E Kamseu, ...
Construction and Building Materials 279, 122480, 2021
Improved reactivity of volcanic ash using municipal solid incinerator fly ash for alkali-activated cement synthesis
S Tome, MA Etoh, J Etame, S Kumar
Waste and biomass valorization 11, 3035-3044, 2020
Development of alkali-activated composites from calcined iron-rich laterite soil
CR Kaze, S Tome, GL Lecomte-Nana, A Adesina, H Essaedi, SK Das, ...
Materialia 15, 101032, 2021
Rapid adsorption of cationic methylene blue dye onto volcanic ash-metakaolin based geopolymers
VO Shikuku, S Tome, DT Hermann, GA Tompsett, MT Timko
Silicon 14 (15), 9349-9359, 2022
Synthesis of pozzolan and sugarcane bagasse derived geopolymer-biochar composites for methylene blue sequestration from aqueous medium
HT Dzoujo, VO Shikuku, S Tome, S Akiri, NM Kengne, S Abdpour, ...
Journal of Environmental Management 318, 115533, 2022
Resistance of alkali-activated blended volcanic ash-MSWI-FA mortar in sulphuric acid and artificial seawater
S Tome, A Nana, CR Kaze, JNY Djobo, T Alomayri, E Kamseu, MA Etoh, ...
Silicon, 1-8, 2021
Structural and physico-mechanical investigations of mine tailing-calcined kaolinite based phosphate geopolymer binder
S Tome, CN Bewa, A Nana, JG Deutou Nemaleu, MA Etoh, HK Tchakouté, ...
Silicon 14 (7), 3563-3570, 2022
Enhanced performance of hydrogen peroxide modified pozzolan-based geopolymer for abatement of methylene blue from aqueous medium
DT Hermann, S Tome, VO Shikuku, JB Tchuigwa, A Spieß, C Janiak, ...
Silicon 14 (10), 5191-5206, 2022
Mechanical performance, phase evolution and microstructure of natural feldspathic solid solutions consolidated via alkali activation: Effect of NaOH concentration
A Nana, S Tome, SCD Anensong, P Venyite, JNY Djobo, J Ngoune, ...
Silicon 14 (8), 4107-4120, 2022
Engineering and structural properties of compressed earth blocks (CEB) stabilized with a calcined clay-based alkali-activated binder
E Idriss, S Tome, TK Rolande Aurelie, A Nana, JGD Nemaleu, C Judicaёl, ...
Innovative Infrastructure Solutions 7 (2), 157, 2022
Efficient sequestration of malachite green in aqueous solution by laterite-rice husk ash-based alkali-activated materials: parameters and mechanism
S Tome, V Shikuku, HD Tamaguelon, S Akiri, MA Etoh, C Rüscher, ...
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 30 (25), 67263-67277, 2023
Stabilization of compressed Earth blocks (CEB) by pozzolana based phosphate geopolymer binder: Physico-mechanical and microstructural investigations
RAT Kamwa, S Tome, J Chongouang, I Eguekeng, A Spieß, MNA Fetzer, ...
Cleaner Materials 4, 100062, 2022
A comparative study of compressed lateritic earth bricks stabilized with natural pozzolan-based geopolymer binders synthesized in acidic and alkaline conditions
RAT Kamwa, LT Noumbissie, S Tome, E Idriss, JGD Nemaleu, B Tommes, ...
Construction and Building Materials 400, 132652, 2023
Preparation, characterization and application of H3PO4-activated carbon from Pentaclethra macrophylla pods for the removal of Cr (VI) in aqueous medium
T Chimi, BU Hannah, NM Lincold, MB Jacques, S Tome, DT Hermann, ...
Journal of the Iranian Chemical Society 20 (2), 399-413, 2023
Application of geopolymer composites in wastewater treatment: Trends, opportunities, and challenges
VO Shikuku, T Sylvain
Polymer nanocomposites for advanced engineering and military applications …, 2019
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