Damia Mawad
Damia Mawad
School of Materials Science and Engineering, University of New South Wales
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Citat de
A single component conducting polymer hydrogel as a scaffold for tissue engineering
D Mawad, E Stewart, DL Officer, T Romeo, P Wagner, K Wagner, ...
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A conducting polymer with enhanced electronic stability applied in cardiac models
D Mawad, C Mansfield, A Lauto, F Perbellini, GW Nelson, J Tonkin, ...
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Auxetic cardiac patches with tunable mechanical and conductive properties toward treating myocardial infarction
M Kapnisi, C Mansfield, C Marijon, AG Guex, F Perbellini, I Bardi, ...
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Chemistry of Materials 28 (17), 6080-6088, 2016
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Hybrid alkyl–ethylene glycol side chains enhance substrate adhesion and operational stability in accumulation mode organic electrochemical transistors
Y Wang, E Zeglio, H Liao, J Xu, F Liu, Z Li, IP Maria, D Mawad, A Herland, ...
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Photodynamic therapy with nanoparticles to combat microbial infection and resistance
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Nanoscale 12 (41), 21034-21059, 2020
Network structure and macromolecular drug release from poly (vinyl alcohol) hydrogels fabricated via two crosslinking strategies
D Mawad, R Odell, LA Poole-Warren
International Journal of Pharmaceutics 366 (1-2), 31-37, 2009
An in vitro study of the photodynamic effect of rose bengal on trichophyton rubrum
L Cronin, M Moffitt, D Mawad, OC Morton, A Lauto, C Stack
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Photoactive organic substrates for cell stimulation: progress and perspectives
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Journal of Biophotonics 6 (11‐12), 938-949, 2013
Conjugated polymers in bioelectronics: addressing the interface challenge
K Fidanovski, D Mawad
Advanced Healthcare Materials 8 (10), 1900053, 2019
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