Stefan Panic
Stefan Panic
Faculty of Science and Mathematics, University of Pristina, Kosovska Mitrovica
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Citat de
Citat de
Fading and interference mitigation in wireless communications
S Panic, M Stefanovic, J Anastasov, P Spalevic
CRC press, 2013
Second-order statistics of SC macrodiversity system operating over Gamma shadowed Nakagami-m fading channels
DM Stefanović, SR Panić, PĆ Spalević
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A reliability-based approach to nonrepairable spare part forecasting in aircraft maintenance system
NZ Kontrec, GV Milovanović, SR Panić, H Miloąević
Mathematical Problems in Engineering 2015, 2015
Early cherry fruit pathogen disease detection based on data mining prediction
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Novel SWIPT schemes for 5G wireless networks
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Using a game-based learning model as a new teaching strategy for computer engineering
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GPU-enabled Framework for Modelling, Simulation and Planning of Mobile Networks in Smart Cities
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A Switched-adaptive Quantization Technique using μ-law Quantizers
Z Peric, J Nikolic, A Mosic, S Panic
Information Technology and Control 39 (4), 2010
On second-order statistics of the composite channel models for UAV-to-ground communications with UAV selection
C Stefanovic, S Panic, V Bhatia, N Kumar
IEEE Open Journal of the Communications Society 2, 534-544, 2021
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