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Carpa Rahela
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Flexural strength, biocompatibility, and antimicrobial activity of a polymethyl methacrylate denture resin enhanced with graphene and silver nanoparticles
C Bacali, I Baldea, M Moldovan, R Carpa, DE Olteanu, GA Filip, ...
Clinical Oral Investigations 24 (8), 2713-2725, 2020
Release of antibiotic resistant bacteria by a waste treatment plant from Romania
I Lupan, R Carpa, A Oltean, BS Kelemen, O Popescu
Microbes and environments 32 (3), 219-225, 2017
Synthesis, morpho-structural properties and antibacterial effect of silicate-based composites containing graphene oxide/hydroxyapatite
M Moldovan, D Prodan, C Sarosi, R Carpa, C Socaci, MC Rosu, ...
Materials Chemistry and Physics 217, 48-53, 2018
Phytochemical profile and biological activities of tendrils and leaves extracts from a variety of Vitis vinifera L.
ML Moldovan, R Carpa, I Fizeșan, L Vlase, C Bogdan, SM Iurian, ...
Antioxidants 9 (5), 373, 2020
Mud volcanoes and the presence of PAHs
A Remizovschi, R Carpa, FL Forray, C Chiriac, CA Roba, ...
Scientific Reports 10 (1), 1-9, 2020
New and old microbial communities colonizing a seventeenth-century wooden church
I Lupan, MB Ianc, BS Kelemen, R Carpa, O Rosca-Casian, MT Chiriac, ...
Folia microbiologica 59 (1), 45-51, 2014
Microbiologie generală: lucrări practice
R Carpa, M Drăgan-Bularda, V Muntean
Presa Universitară Clujeană, 2014
Assessment and characterization of some new photosensitizers for antimicrobial photodynamic therapy (aPDT)
LM Dascalu, M Moldovan, D Prodan, I Ciotlaus, V Popescu, I Baldea, ...
Materials 13 (13), 3012, 2020
Enzymological research on soils from different environments
R Carpa
Annals of RSCB 16 (1), 44-48, 2009
The quantitative variation of some ecophysiological group of bacteria from Aries River sediments affected by pollution
A Bodoczi, R Carpa
Carpathian Journal of Earth and Environmental Sciences 5 (2), 145-152, 2010
Antibiotic resistance in Pseudomonas spp. through the urban water cycle
A Butiuc-Keul, R Carpa, D Podar, E Szekeres, V Muntean, D Iordache, ...
Current Microbiology 78 (4), 1227-1237, 2021
Bio-chemical analysis of Datura stramonium extract
R Carpa, DV Dumitru, RF Burtescu, MC Maior, C Dobrotă, NK Olah
Studia Universitatis Babes-Bolyai Biologia 62 (2), 5-19, 2017
Characterization of halophilic bacterial communities in Turda Salt Mine (Romania)
R Carpa, A Keul, V Muntean, C Dobrotă
Origins of Life and Evolution of Biospheres 44 (3), 223-230, 2014
Association of Graphene Silver Polymethyl Methacrylate (PMMA) with Photodynamic Therapy for Inactivation of Halitosis Responsible Bacteria in Denture Wearers
C Bacali, R Carpa, S Buduru, ML Moldovan, I Baldea, A Constantin, ...
Nanomaterials 11 (7), 1643, 2021
Antimicrobial activity and thiosulfinates profile of a formulation based on Allium cepa L. extract
O Orășan, R Oprean, A Saplonțai-Pop, M Filip, R Carpa, C Saroși, ...
Open Chemistry 15 (1), 175-181, 2017
Microbial activity in the subterranean environment of Dârninii Cave, Bihor Mountains
R Carpa, A Butiuc-Keul
Extreme life, biospeology and astrobiology 1 (1), 13-22, 2009
Microbial activity in the subterranean environment of Dârninii Cave, Bihor Mountains
R Carpa, A Butiuc-Keul
Extreme life, biospeology and astrobiology 1 (1), 13-22, 2009
Fizes, an, I
ML Moldovan, R Carpa
Vlase, L, 0
Inherent and Composite Hydrogels as Promising Materials to Limit Antimicrobial Resistance
R Carpa, A Remizovschi, CA Culda, AL Butiuc-Keul
Gels 8 (2), 70, 2022
Is it necessary to screen Helicobacter pylori infection in patients with celiac disease and iron deficiency?
G Samasca, D Deleanu, G Sur, I Lupan, A Giulia, R Carpa
Gastroenterology and Hepatology from Bed to Bench 9 (4), 345, 2016
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