Tchakoute Kouamo Herve
Tchakoute Kouamo Herve
Associate Professor, University of Yaounde I, Humboldt Foundation
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Effects of calcination temperature of kaolinite clays on the properties of geopolymer cements
DN A. Elimbi , H.K. Tchakoute
Construction and Building Materials 25 (6), 2805–2812, 2011
Geopolymer binders from metakaolin using sodium waterglass from waste glass and rice husk ash as alternative activators: A comparative study
HK Tchakouté, CH Rüscher, S Kong, E Kamseu, C Leonelli
Construction and Building Materials 114, 276-289, 2016
The effect of adding alumina-oxide to metakaolin and volcanic ash on geopolymer products: A comparative study
HT Kouamo, A Elimbi, JA Mbey, CJN Sabouang, D Njopwouo
Construction and Building Materials 35, 960-969, 2012
Utilization of volcanic ashes for the production of geopolymers cured at ambient temperature
CND H.K. Tchakoute, A. Elimbi, E. Yanne
Cement and Concrete Composites 38, 75–81, 2013
Potential of using granite waste as raw material for geopolymer synthesis
LN Tchadjié, JNY Djobo, N Ranjbar, HK Tchakouté, BBD Kenne, A Elimbi, ...
Ceramics International 42 (2), 3046-3055, 2016
Mechanical properties and durability of volcanic ash based geopolymer mortars
SK Jean Noël Yankwa Djobo, Antoine Elimbi, Hervé Kouamo Tchakouté
Construction and Building Materials 124, 606-614, 2016
Effect of the rate of calcination of kaolin on the properties of metakaolin-based geopolymers
BBK Diffo, A Elimbi, M Cyr, JD Manga, HT Kouamo
Journal of Asian Ceramic Societies 3 (1), 130-138, 2015
Influence of gibbsite and quartz in kaolin on the properties of metakaolin-based geopolymer cements
HK Tchakoute, CH Rüscher, JNY Djobo, BBD Kenne, D Njopwouo
Applied Clay Science 107, 188-194, 2015
Mechanical and microstructural properties of metakaolin-based geopolymer cements from sodium waterglass and phosphoric acid solution as hardeners: A comparative study
HK Tchakouté, CH Rüscher
Applied Clay Science 140, 81-87, 2017
Mechanical activation of volcanic ash for geopolymer synthesis: effect on reaction kinetics, gel characteristics, physical and mechanical properties
JNY Djobo, A Elimbi, HK Tchakouté, S Kumar
RSC advances 6 (45), 39106-39117, 2016
Synthesis of volcanic ash-based geopolymer mortars by fusion method: Effects of adding metakaolin to fused volcanic ash
HT Kouamo, JA Mbey, A Elimbi, BBK Diffo, D Njopwouo
Ceramics International 39 (2), 1613-1621, 2013
Volcanic ash-based geopolymer cements/concretes: the current state of the art and perspectives
JNY Djobo, A Elimbi, HK Tchakouté, S Kumar
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 24, 4433-4446, 2017
Synthesis of sodium waterglass from white rice husk ash as an activator to produce metakaolin-based geopolymer cements
HK Tchakouté, CH Rüscher, S Kong, N Ranjbar
Journal of Building Engineering 6, 252-261, 2016
Influence of the molar concentration of phosphoric acid solution on the properties of metakaolin-phosphate-based geopolymer cements
HK Tchakouté, CH Rüscher, E Kamseu, F Andreola, C Leonelli
Applied Clay Science 147, 184-194, 2017
Synthesis of geopolymer composites from a mixture of volcanic scoria and metakaolin
JNY Djobo, LN Tchadjié, HK Tchakoute, BBD Kenne, A Elimbi, ...
Journal of Asian Ceramic Societies 2 (4), 387-398, 2014
Reactivity of volcanic ash in alkaline medium, microstructural and strength characteristics of resulting geopolymers under different synthesis conditions
JNY Djobo, A Elimbi, HK Tchakouté, S Kumar
Journal of Materials Science 51, 10301-10317, 2016
Effect of silicate modulus on the setting, mechanical strength and microstructure of iron-rich aluminosilicate (laterite) based-geopolymer cured at room temperature
CR Kaze, JNY Djobo, A Nana, HK Tchakoute, E Kamseu, UC Melo, ...
Ceramics International 44 (17), 21442-21450, 2018
Utilization of sodium waterglass from sugar cane bagasse ash as a new alternative hardener for producing metakaolin-based geopolymer cement
HK Tchakouté, CH Rüscher, M Hinsch, JNY Djobo, E Kamseu, C Leonelli
Geochemistry 77 (2), 257-266, 2017
Synthesis of geopolymers from volcanic ash via the alkaline fusion method: Effect of Al2O3 /Na2O molar ratio of soda–volcanic ash
DN H. Kouamo Tchakoute, A. Elimbi, B.B. Diffo Kenne, J.A. Mbey
Ceramics International 39 (1), 269–276, 2013
Gel composition and strength properties of alkali‐activated oyster shell‐volcanic ash: effect of synthesis conditions
JNY Djobo, HK Tchakoute, N Ranjbar, A Elimbi, LN Tchadjie, ...
Journal of the American Ceramic Society 99 (9), 3159-3166, 2016
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