Guillaume Obozinski
Guillaume Obozinski
Swiss Data Science Center
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Citat de
Citat de
Optimization with sparsity-inducing penalties
F Bach, R Jenatton, J Mairal, G Obozinski
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Group lasso with overlap and graph lasso
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Joint covariate selection and joint subspace selection for multiple classification problems
G Obozinski, B Taskar, MI Jordan
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Multi-task feature selection
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Support union recovery in high-dimensional multivariate regression
G Obozinski, MJ Wainwright, MI Jordan
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Convex optimization with sparsity-inducing norms
F Bach, R Jenatton, J Mairal, G Obozinski
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A critical assessment of Mus musculusgene function prediction using integrated genomic evidence
L Peña-Castillo, M Tasan, CL Myers, H Lee, T Joshi, C Zhang, Y Guan, ...
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Canonical tensor decomposition for knowledge base completion
T Lacroix, N Usunier, G Obozinski
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Genomic privacy and limits of individual detection in a pool
S Sankararaman, G Obozinski, MI Jordan, E Halperin
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Trace Lasso: a trace norm regularization for correlated designs
E Grave, G Obozinski, F Bach
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Group lasso with overlaps: the latent group lasso approach
G Obozinski, L Jacob, JP Vert
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Network flow algorithms for structured sparsity
J Mairal, R Jenatton, G Obozinski, F Bach
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On the equivalence between herding and conditional gradient algorithms
F Bach, S Lacoste-Julien, G Obozinski
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Learning and calibrating per-location classifiers for visual place recognition
P Gronat, G Obozinski, J Sivic, T Pajdla
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Multi-scale mining of fMRI data with hierarchical structured sparsity
R Jenatton, A Gramfort, V Michel, G Obozinski, F Bach, B Thirion
SIAM Journal on Imaging Sciences 5 (3), 835--856, 2012
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