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Rachel McQueen
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Odor intensity in apparel fabrics and the link with bacterial populations
RH McQueen, RM Laing, HJL Brooks, BE Niven
Textile Research Journal 77 (7), 449-456, 2007
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Fibers and textiles for personal protective equipment: review of recent progress and perspectives on future developments
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Odour control of medical textiles
RH McQueen
Handbook of medical textiles, 387-416, 2011
The role of resources in repair practice: Engagement with self, paid and unpaid clothing repair by young consumers
RH McQueen, A Jain, LS McNeill, A Kozlowski
Textile Research Journal 93 (3-4), 576-591, 2023
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M Mukhtar Abdul-Bari, RH McQueen, A Paulina de la Mata, JC Batcheller, ...
Textile Research Journal 90 (19-20), 2212-2222, 2020
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