Ria Millati
Ria Millati
Departemen Teknologi Pangan dan Hasil Pertanian, Universitas Gadjah Mada
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Biological treatment of Lignocelluloses with white-rot funghi and its applications
I Isroi, R Millati, C Niklasson, C Cayanto, MJ Taherzadeh, K Lundquist
BioResources 6 (4), 5224-5259, 2011
Performance of Rhizopus, Rhizomucor, and Mucor in ethanol production from glucose, xylose, and wood hydrolyzates
R Millati, L Edebo, MJ Taherzadeh
Enzyme and Microbial Technology 36 (2-3), 294-300, 2005
Effect of pH, time and temperature of overliming on detoxification of dilute-acid hydrolyzates for fermentation by Saccharomyces cerevisiae
R Millati, C Niklasson, MJ Taherzadeh
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Ethanol production from hexoses, pentoses, and dilute-acid hydrolyzate by Mucor indicus
A Sues, R Millati, L Edebo, MJ Taherzadeh
FEMS yeast research 5 (6-7), 669-676, 2005
Improvement of biogas production from orange peel waste by leaching of limonene
R Wikandari, H Nguyen, R Millati, C Niklasson, MJ Taherzadeh
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Structural changes of oil palm empty fruit bunch (OPEFB) after fungal and phosphoric acid pretreatment
MM Ishola, R Millati, S Syamsiah, MN Cahyanto, C Niklasson, ...
Molecules 17 (12), 14995-15012, 2012
Agricultural, industrial, municipal, and forest wastes: an overview
R Millati, RB Cahyono, T Ariyanto, IN Azzahrani, RU Putri, MJ Taherzadeh
Sustainable resource recovery and zero waste approaches, 1-22, 2019
Pretreatment technologies for anaerobic digestion of lignocelluloses and toxic feedstocks
R Millati, R Wikandari, T Ariyanto, RU Putri, MJ Taherzadeh
Bioresource technology 304, 122998, 2020
Factors influencing volatile fatty acids production from food wastes via anaerobic digestion
Lukitawesa, RJ Patinvoh, R Millati, I Sarvari-Horvath, MJ Taherzadeh
Bioengineered 11 (1), 39-52, 2020
Inhibitory effect of long-chain fatty acids on biogas production and the protective effect of membrane bioreactor
KT Dasa, SY Westman, R Millati, MN Cahyanto, MJ Taherzadeh, ...
BioMed Research International 2016, 2016
Pretreatment of oil palm empty fruit bunch (OPEFB) by N-methylmorpholine-N-oxide (NMMO) for biogas production: structural changes and digestion improvement
FA Purwandari, AP Sanjaya, R Millati, MN Cahyanto, IS Horváth, ...
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MJ Taherzadeh, R Millati, C Niklasson
Applied biochemistry and biotechnology 95 (1), 45-57, 2001
Effect of furfural, hydroxymethylfurfural and acetic acid on indigeneous microbial isolate for bioethanol production.
R Wikandari, R Millati, S Syamsiyah, R Muriana, Y Ayuningsih
Agricultural journal 5 (2), 105-109, 2010
Mesophilic batch anaerobic digestion from fruit fragments
AP Sanjaya, MN Cahyanto, R Millati
Renewable Energy 98, 135-141, 2016
Biogas production from citrus waste by membrane bioreactor
R Wikandari, R Millati, MN Cahyanto, MJ Taherzadeh
Membranes 4 (3), 596-607, 2014
Ethanol from Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunch via Dilute-Acid Hydrolysis and Fermentation by Mycur Indicus and saccharomyces cerevisiae
R Millati, E Trihandayani, M Cahyanto, MJ Taherzadeh, C Niklasson
Agricultural Journal 6 (2), 54-59, 2011
Isolation and characterization of zygomycetes fungi from tempe for ethanol production and biomass applications
R Wikandari, R Millati, PR Lennartsson, E Harmayani, MJ Taherzadeh
Applied biochemistry and biotechnology 167 (6), 1501-1512, 2012
Inhibitory effects of fruit flavors on methane production during anaerobic digestion
R Wikandari, S Gudipudi, I Pandiyan, R Millati, MJ Taherzadeh
Bioresource technology 145, 188-192, 2013
Performance of semi-continuous membrane bioreactor in biogas production from toxic feedstock containing d-Limonene
R Wikandari, S Youngsukkasem, R Millati, MJ Taherzadeh
Bioresource Technology 170, 350-355, 2014
Utilization of food waste-derived volatile fatty acids for production of edible Rhizopus oligosporus fungal biomass
S Wainaina, AD Kisworini, M Fanani, R Wikandari, R Millati, C Niklasson, ...
Bioresource technology 310, 123444, 2020
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