Istvan Kovacs
Istvan Kovacs
Institute of Earth Physics and Space Science
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Water and its influence on the lithosphere-asthenosphere boundary
DH Green, WO Hibberson, I Kovács, A Rosenthal
Nature 472 (7344), 504-504, 2011
High water content in Mesozoic primitive basalts of the North China Craton and implications on the destruction of cratonic mantle lithosphere
QK Xia, J Liu, SC Liu, I Kovács, M Feng, L Dang
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 361, 85-97, 2013
Quantitative absorbance spectroscopy with unpolarized light: Part II. Experimental evaluation and development of a protocol for quantitative analysis of mineral IR spectra
I Kovács, J Hermann, HSC O’Neill, JF Gerald, M Sambridge, G Horváth
American Mineralogist 93 (5-6), 765-778, 2008
Composition and evolution of lithosphere beneath the Carpathian–Pannonian Region: a review
C Szabó, G Falus, Z Zajacz, I Kovács, E Bali
Tectonophysics 393 (1-4), 119-137, 2004
Experimental study of the influence of water on melting and phase assemblages in the upper mantle
DH Green, WO Hibberson, A Rosenthal, I Kovács, GM Yaxley, TJ Falloon, ...
Journal of Petrology 55 (10), 2067-2096, 2014
Site-specific infrared OH absorption coefficients for water substitution into olivine
I Kovács, HSC O’Neill, J Hermann, EH Hauri
American Mineralogist 95 (2-3), 292-299, 2010
An Experimental Study of Water in Nominally Anhydrous Minerals in the Upper Mantle near the Water-saturated Solidus
I Kovács, DH Green, A Rosenthal, J Hermann, HSC O’neill, ...
Journal of Petrology, 2012
Seismic velocity model of the crust and upper mantle along profile PANCAKE across the Carpathians between the Pannonian Basin and the East European Craton
V Starostenko, T Janik, K Kolomiyets, W Czuba, P ¦roda, M Grad, ...
Tectonophysics 608, 1049-1072, 2013
Quantitative absorbance spectroscopy with unpolarized light: Part I. Physical and mathematical development
M Sambridge, JF Gerald, I Kovács, HSC O’Neill, J Hermann
American Mineralogist 93 (5-6), 751-764, 2008
Seismic properties of Anita Bay dunite: an exploratory study of the influence of water
Y Aizawa, A Barnhoorn, UH Faul, JD Fitz Gerald, I Jackson, IÁ Kovács
Journal of Petrology 49 (4), 841-855, 2008
Water in the upper mantle and deep crust of eastern China: concentration, distribution and implications
QK Xia, J Liu, I Kovács, YT Hao, P Li, XZ Yang, H Chen, YM Sheng
National Science Review 6 (1), 125-144, 2019
Seismic anisotropy and deformation patterns in upper mantle xenoliths from the central Carpathian-Pannonian region: Asthenospheric flow as a driving force for Cenozoic …
I Kovács, G Falus, G Stuart, K Hidas, C Szabó, MFJ Flower, K Posgay, ...
Tectonophysics, 2011
Theoretical infrared spectrum of OH-defects in forsterite
E Balan, J Ingrin, S Delattre, I Kovács, M Blanchard
European Journal of Mineralogy 23 (3), 285-292, 2011
Crustal structure of the Western Carpathians and Pannonian Basin: Seismic models from CELEBRATION 2000 data and geological implications
T Janik, M Grad, A Guterch, J Vozár, M Bielik, A Vozárova, E Hegedus, ...
Journal of Geodynamics, 2010
Middle Miocene volcanism in the vicinity of the Middle Hungarian zone: evidence for an inherited enriched mantle source
I Kovacs, C Szabó
Journal of Geodynamics 45 (1), 1-17, 2008
Paleogene–early Miocene igneous rocks and geodynamics of the Alpine-Carpathian-Pannonian-Dinaric region: An integrated approach
I Kovacs, L Csontos, C Szabó, E Bali, G Falus, K Benedek, Z Zajacz
Continuous eclogite melting and variable refertilisation in upwelling heterogeneous mantle
A Rosenthal, GM Yaxley, DH Green, J Hermann, I Kovács, C Spandler
Scientific Reports 4 (1), 6099, 2014
Coexisting silicate melt inclusions and H2O-bearing, CO2-rich fluid inclusions in mantle peridotite xenoliths from the Carpathian–Pannonian region (central Hungary)
K Hidas, T Guzmics, C Szabó, I Kovács, RJ Bodnar, Z Zajacz, Z Nédli, ...
Chemical Geology 274 (1-2), 1-18, 2010
Effects of particle size on the attenuated total reflection spectrum of minerals
B Udvardi, IJ Kovács, T Fancsik, P Kónya, M Bátori, F Stercel, G Falus, ...
Applied spectroscopy 71 (6), 1157-1168, 2017
Type-II xenoliths and related metasomatism from the Nógrád-Gömör Volcanic Field, Carpathian-Pannonian region (northern Hungary–southern Slovakia)
I Kovács, Z Zajacz, C Szabó
Tectonophysics 393 (1-4), 139-161, 2004
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