Alfredo Tirado-Ramos
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From molecule to man: Decision support in individualized e-health
PMA Sloot, A Tirado-Ramos, I Altintas, M Bubak, C Boucher
Computer 39 (11), 40-46, 2006
Grid services for HLA-based distributed simulation frameworks
K Zajac, A Tirado-Ramos, Z Zhao, P Sloot, M Bubak
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Precise UML modeling framework of the DICOM information model
J Hu, KP Lee, A Tirado-Ramos
US Patent 7,373,596, 2008
A grid-based HIV expert system
PMA Sloot, AV Boukhanovsky, W Keulen, A Tirado-Ramos, CA Boucher
Journal of Clinical Monitoring and Computing 19, 263-278, 2005
Multiplexed highly-accurate DNA sequencing of closely-related HIV-1 variants using continuous long reads from single molecule, real-time sequencing
DA Dilernia, JT Chien, DC Monaco, MPS Brown, Z Ende, MJ Deymier, ...
Nucleic acids research 43 (20), e129-e129, 2015
Information Object Definition–based Unified Modeling Language Representation of DICOM Structured Reporting: A Case Study of Transcoding DICOM to XML
A Tirado-Ramos, J Hu, KP Lee
Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association 9 (1), 63-72, 2002
Performance analysis of direct n-body algorithms for astrophysical simulations on distributed systems
A Gualandris, SP Zwart, A Tirado-Ramos
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Automatic composition and selection of semantic web services
TA Kvaløy, E Rongen, A Tirado-Ramos, P Sloot
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Virtual laboratory for development and execution of biomedical collaborative applications
M Bubak, T Gubala, M Malawski, B Balis, W Funika, T Bartynski, ...
2008 21st IEEE International Symposium on Computer-Based Medical Systems …, 2008
An integrative approach to high-performance biomedical problem solving environments on the Grid
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Simulating the universe on an intercontinental grid
SP Zwart, D Groen, T Ishiyama, K Nitadori, C de Laat, S McMillan, K Hiraki, ...
Computer 43 (8), 63-70, 2010
An interactive grid for non-invasive vascular reconstruction
PMA Sloot, A Tirado-Ramos, AG Hoekstra, M Bubak
IEEE International Symposium on Cluster Computing and the Grid, 2004. CCGrid …, 2004
Grid resource selection by application benchmarking for computational haemodynamics applications
A Tirado-Ramos, G Tsouloupas, M Dikaiakos, P Sloot
Computational Science–ICCS 2005: 5th International Conference, Atlanta, GA …, 2005
Grid resource allocation by means of option contracts
A Bossenbroek, A Tirado-Ramos, PMA Sloot
IEEE Systems Journal 3 (1), 49-64, 2009
Electronic program guide for processing content-related information configured using a reference information model
A Yassin, A Tirado-Ramos
US Patent App. 09/902,185, 2003
Virtual laboratory for collaborative applications
M Bubak, M Malawski, T Gubala, M Kasztelnik, P Nowakowski, ...
Handbook of Research on Computational Grid Technologies for Life Sciences …, 2009
PCORnet antibiotics and childhood growth study: process for cohort creation and cohort description
JP Block, LC Bailey, MW Gillman, D Lunsford, J Boone-Heinonen, ...
Academic pediatrics 18 (5), 569-576, 2018
Experience with the international testbed in the crossgrid project
J Gomes, M David, J Martins, L Bernardo, A García, M Hardt, ...
Advances in Grid Computing-EGC 2005, 172-271, 2005
Integration of blood flow visualization on the grid: the flowfish/gvk approach
A Tirado-Ramos, H Ragas, D Shamonin, H Rosmanith, D Kranzmueller
Grid Computing: Second European AcrossGrids Conference, AxGrids 2004 …, 2004
Regular paper: Interactive n-body simulations on the grid: HLA versus MPI
K Rycerz, A Tirado-Ramos, A Gualandris, SF Portegies Zwart, M Bubak, ...
The International Journal of High Performance Computing Applications 21 (2 …, 2007
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