Veronica STEFAN
Veronica STEFAN
Professor PhD, Faculty of Economic Sciences, Valahia University of Targoviste
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Citat de
Citat de
Adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference systems as a strategy for predicting and controling the energy produced from renewable sources
O Elena Dragomir, F Dragomir, V Stefan, E Minca
Energies 8 (11), 13047-13061, 2015
Enterprise performance management with business intelligence solution
V Stefan, M Duica, M Coman, V Radu
Recent Advances in Business Administration 4 (1), 244-250, 2010
Mobile knowledge management toolkit
IA Stănescu, A Ștefan, I Roceanu, V Ștefan, F Hamza-Lup
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Renewable Energy Decision Support Systems: The Challenge of Data Integration
CC Stanescu I., Veronica STEFAN, Neagu G.
Studies in Informatics and Control, ISSN 1220-1766 24 (2/2015), 191-200, 2015
Web 3D & Virtual Reality-Based Applications for Simulation and e-Learning
FG Hamza-Lup, V Stefan
2nd International Conference on Virtual Learning, ICVL, Constanta, Romania, 2007
Knowledge Anywhere, Anytime, based on Wireless Devices
I Roceanu, V Ștefan, V Popescu, MM Popescu, R Gramatovici, F Lazo
Conference proceedings of" eLearning and Software for Education"(eLSE), 11-16, 2009
Adaptive Neuro - Fuzzy Inference Systems – an Alternative Forecasting Tool for Prosumers
ME Dragomir O., Dragomir F., Veronica STEFAN
Studies in Informatics and Control,ISSN 1220-1766 24 (3/2015), 351-360, 2015
Alternative Methods for Business Process Planning
V Stefan, V Radu
Valahian Journal of Economic Studies 7 (2), 87-90, 2016
Live services for citizens with live technologies
V Stefan, A Stefan
International Conference “Web Information Systems and Technologies”, Funchal …, 2008
The Role of Computerized Solutions in Consolidating Financial Results from the European and Anglo-Saxon Accounting Systems.
R Stoica, V Stefan
Valahian Journal of Economic Studies 9 (2), 2018
The e-commerce tools and their use in the global market
V Stefan, V Radu
Valahian Journal of Economic Studies 5 (4), 69, 2014
Two approaches in modeling of assembly/disassembly line with integrated manipulator mounted on mobile platform
E Minca, V Stefan, A Filipescu, A Serbencu
2012 16th International Conference on System Theory, Control and Computing …, 2012
Accounting Practices Regarding the Non-Current Assets Held for Sale
M Manea, V Stefan
Studies and Scientific Researches. Economics Edition, 2010
Application for manufacturing systems served by collaborative robots monitoring
E Minca, OE Dragomir, F Dragomir, V Stefan
2010 IEEE International Conference on Automation and Logistics, 138-143, 2010
Delivery of Education and training frameworks through Mobile Technologies
V ȘTEFAN, A Granic
Conference proceedings of" eLearning and Software for Education"(eLSE), 39-46, 2010
„The New Dimensions of the Virtual Public Enviroment”
P Năstase, D Ștefan, V Ștefan
Accounting and Management Information Systems 8 (3), 408-444, 2009
Tehnologii Orientate Obiect pentru Baze de Date Relaționale
Infomega Publishing House, Bucharest, 2006
Guideline to choose a forecasting tool with fuzzy logic support
OE Dragomir, F Dragomir, V Stefan
2013 IEEE 8th Conference on Industrial Electronics and Applications (ICIEA …, 2013
Mobile internet in support of see regional development for social changes
V Stefan, D Savic
Fifth International Conference of the School of Economics and Business in …, 2010
Business Strategy Games - Tools for Learning and Development of Entrepreneurial Competencies
V Ștefan, R Albu, S Ilie
Conference proceedings of" eLearning and Software for Education"(eLSE), 195-202, 2010
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