Benoit R Cottereau
Benoit R Cottereau
CNRS research director (DR2) at CerCo (Toulouse, France) and IPAL (Singapore) laboratories
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Citat de
Citat de
The steady-state visual evoked potential in vision research: A review
AM Norcia, LG Appelbaum, JM Ales, BR Cottereau, B Rossion
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Modeling and detecting deep brain activity with MEG & EEG
Y Attal, M Bhattacharjee, J Yelnik, B Cottereau, J Lefèvre, Y Okada, ...
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tRNS boosts perceptual learning in peripheral vision
G Contemori, Y Trotter, BR Cottereau, M Maniglia
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Processing of egomotion-consistent optic flow in the rhesus macaque cortex
BR Cottereau, AT Smith, S Rima, D Fize, Y Héjja-Brichard, L Renaud, ...
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How to use fMRI functional localizers to improve EEG/MEG source estimation
BR Cottereau, JM Ales, AM Norcia
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Rehabilitation approaches in macular degeneration patients
M Maniglia, BR Cottereau, V Soler, Y Trotter
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Phase delays within visual cortex shape the response to steady-state visual stimulation
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BR Cottereau, JM Ales, AM Norcia
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Robodepth: Robust out-of-distribution depth estimation under corruptions
L Kong, S Xie, H Hu, LX Ng, BR Cottereau, WT Ooi
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Bridging the gap: global disparity processing in the human visual cortex
BR Cottereau, SP McKee, AM Norcia
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Dynamics of perceptual decisions about symmetry in visual cortex
PJ Kohler, BR Cottereau, AM Norcia
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Spontaneous and training-induced cortical plasticity in MD patients: Hints from lateral masking
M Maniglia, V Soler, B Cottereau, Y Trotter
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Sparse EEG/MEG source estimation via a group lasso
M Lim, JM Ales, BR Cottereau, T Hastie, AM Norcia
PloS one 12 (6), e0176835, 2017
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