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Yann Fraigneau
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Three-dimensional centrifugal instabilities development inside a parallelepipedic open cavity of various shape
TM Faure, L Pastur, F Lusseyran, Y Fraigneau, D Bisch
Experiments in Fluids 47, 395-410, 2009
A reconstruction method for the flow past an open cavity
B Podvin, Y Fraigneau, F Lusseyran, P Gougat
Spatio-temporal proper orthogonal decomposition of turbulent channel flow
SD Muralidhar, B Podvin, L Mathelin, Y Fraigneau
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 864, 614-639, 2019
Approximation of variable density incompressible flows by means of finite elements and finite volumes
Y Fraigneau, JL Guermond, L Quartapelle
Communications in numerical methods in engineering 17 (12), 893-902, 2001
A few thoughts on proper orthogonal decomposition in turbulence
B Podvin, Y Fraigneau
Physics of Fluids 29 (2), 2017
A parallel solver for incompressible fluid flows
Y Wang, M Baboulin, J Dongarra, J Falcou, Y Fraigneau, O Le Maître
Procedia Computer Science 18, 439-448, 2013
Determining the spectral signature of spatial coherent structures in an open cavity flow
LR Pastur, F Lusseyran, Y Fraigneau, B Podvin
Physical Review E—Statistical, Nonlinear, and Soft Matter Physics 72 (6 …, 2005
Proper orthogonal decomposition analysis and modelling of the wake deviation behind a squareback Ahmed body
B Podvin, S Pellerin, Y Fraigneau, A Evrard, O Cadot
Physical Review Fluids 5 (6), 064612, 2020
Quantifying the nonlinear mode competition in the flow over an open cavity at medium Reynolds number
LR Pastur, F Lusseyran, TM Faure, Y Fraigneau, R Pethieu, P Debesse
Experiments in fluids 44, 597-608, 2008
Dispersion and chemical reaction of a pollutant near a motorway
AC Y. Fraigneau, M. Gonzalez
Sciences of the total environment 169, 83-91, 1995
On combining linear stochastic estimation and proper orthogonal decomposition for flow reconstruction
B Podvin, S Nguimatsia, JM Foucaut, C Cuvier, Y Fraigneau
Experiments in Fluids 59, 1-12, 2018
The influence of turbulence upon the chemical reaction of nitric oxide released from a ground source into ambient ozone
AC Y. Fraigneau, M. Gonzalez
Atmospheric environment 30 (9), 1467-1480, 1996
Nonlinear dynamics and hydrodynamic feedback in two-dimensional double cavity flow
F Tuerke, L Pastur, Y Fraigneau, D Sciamarella, F Lusseyran, G Artana
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 813, 1-22, 2017
On wall pressure fluctuations and their coupling with vortex dynamics in a separated–reattached turbulent flow over a blunt flat plate
C Tenaud, B Podvin, Y Fraigneau, V Daru
International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow 61, 730-748, 2016
Solving 3D incompressible Navier-Stokes equations on hybrid CPU/GPU systems
Y Wang, M Baboulin, K Rupp, O Le Maitre, Y Fraigneau
High Performance Computing Symposium (HPC'14), 2014
Low-order modelling of the wake dynamics of an Ahmed body
B Podvin, S Pellerin, Y Fraigneau, G Bonnavion, O Cadot
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 927, R6, 2021
Synthetic wall boundary conditions for the direct numerical simulation of wall-bounded turbulence
B Podvin, Y Fraigneau
Journal of Turbulence, N4, 2011
Axisymmetric rotating flow with free surface in a cylindrical tank
W Yang, I Delbende, Y Fraigneau, LM Witkowski
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 861, 796-814, 2019
On the role of roughness valleys in turbulent Rayleigh–Bénard convection
M Belkadi, A Sergent, Y Fraigneau, B Podvin
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 923, A6, 2021
New estimations of the added mass and damping of two cylinders vibrating in a viscous fluid, from theoretical and numerical approaches
R Lagrange, Y Fraigneau
Journal of Fluids and Structures 92, 102818, 2020
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