Jukka Kekšlšinen
Jukka Kekšlšinen
University of Eastern Finland, Department of Environmental and Biological Sciences
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Female ornaments revisited–are they correlated with offspring quality?
JT Nordeide, J Kekšlšinen, M Janhunen, R Kortet
Journal of Animal Ecology 82 (1), 26-38, 2013
Pike predation on hatchery‐reared Atlantic salmon smolts in a northern Baltic river
J Kekšlšinen, T Niva, H Huuskonen
Ecology of Freshwater Fish 17 (1), 100-109, 2008
Do brain parasites alter host personality?—experimental study in minnows
J Kekšlšinen, YT Lai, A Vainikka, I Sirkka, R Kortet
Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 68, 197-204, 2014
Gamete-mediated mate choice: towards a more inclusive view of sexual selection
J Kekšlšinen, JP Evans
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 285 (1883), 20180836, 2018
Signals of major histocompatibility complex overdominance in a wild salmonid population
J Kekšlšinen, JA Vallunen, CR Primmer, J Ršttyš, J Taskinen
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 276 (1670), 3133-3140, 2009
Rapid growth of Atlantic salmon juveniles in captivity may indicate poor performance in nature
A Saikkonen, J Kekšlšinen, J Piironen
Biological conservation 144 (9), 2320-2327, 2011
Both male and female sexual ornaments reflect offspring performance in a fish
J Kekšlšinen, H Huuskonen, M Tuomaala, R Kortet
Evolution 64 (11), 3149-3157, 2010
Experiments on the ectoparasitic deer ked that often attacks humans; preferences for body parts, colour and temperature
R Kortet, L HšrkŲnen, P Hokkanen, S HšrkŲnen, A Kaitala, S Kaunisto, ...
Bulletin of Entomological Research 100 (3), 279-285, 2010
Metabolic rate associates with, but does not generate covariation between, behaviours in western stutter-trilling crickets, Gryllus integer
IA Krams, PT Niemelš, G Trakimas, R Krams, GM Burghardt, T Krama, ...
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 284 (1851), 20162481, 2017
Multiple sexual ornamentation signals male quality and predicts female preference in minnows
J Kekšlšinen, H Valkama, H Huuskonen, J Taskinen
Ethology 116 (10), 895-903, 2010
Offspring performance is linked to parental identity and male breeding ornamentation in whitefish
H Huuskonen, H Haakana, J Kekńlńinen
Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 98 (3), 532-539, 2009
Genetic and potential non-genetic benefits increase offspring fitness of polyandrous females in non-resource based mating system
J Kekšlšinen, G Rudolfsen, M Janhunen, L Figenschou, N Peuhkuri, ...
BMC Evolutionary Biology 10, 1-9, 2010
Sperm pre-fertilization thermal environment shapes offspring phenotype and performance
J Kekšlšinen, P Oskoei, M Janhunen, H Koskinen, R Kortet, H Huuskonen
Journal of Experimental Biology 221 (20), jeb181412, 2018
Spawning coloration and sperm quality in a large lake population of Arctic charr (Salmonidae: Salvelinus alpinus L.)
M Janhunen, G Rudolfsen, J Kekšlšinen, L Figenschou, N Peuhkuri, ...
Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 98 (4), 794-802, 2009
Male facial anthropometry and attractiveness
C Soler, J Kekšlšinen, M Nķñez, M Sancho, J Nķñez, I Yaber, R Gutiťrrez
Perception 41 (10), 1234-1245, 2012
Do highly ornamented and less parasitized males have high quality sperm?–an experimental test for parasite‐induced reproductive trade‐offs in European minnow (Phoxinus phoxinus)
J Kekšlšinen, J Pirhonen, J Taskinen
Ecology and Evolution 4 (22), 4237-4246, 2014
Individually assessed boldness predicts Perca fluviatilis behaviour in shoals, but is not associated with the capture order or angling method
J Kekšlšinen, T Podgorniak, T Puolakka, P Hyvšrinen, A Vainikka
Journal of Fish Biology 85 (5), 1603-1616, 2014
Visual conditions and habitat shape the coloration of the Eurasian perch (Perca fluviatilis L.): a trade-off between camouflage and communication?
J Kekšlšinen, H Huuskonen, V Kiviniemi, J Taskinen
Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 99 (1), 47-59, 2010
Female-induced remote regulation of sperm physiology may provide opportunities for gamete-level mate choice
J Kekšlšinen, JP Evans
Evolution 71 (2), 238-248, 2017
Male facial attractiveness and masculinity may provide sex‐and culture‐independent cues to semen quality
C Soler, J Kekšlšinen, M Nķñez, M Sancho, JG Ńlvarez, J Nķñez, I Yaber, ...
Journal of evolutionary biology 27 (9), 1930-1938, 2014
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