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Numerical model of a reciprocating hydraulic rod seal
RF Salant, N Maser, B Yang
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Bone regeneration using an acellular extracellular matrix and bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells expressing Cbfa1
SW Dong, DJ Ying, XJ Duan, Z Xie, ZJ Yu, CH Zhu, B Yang, JS Sun
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A numerical model of a reciprocating rod seal with a secondary lip
B Yang, RF Salant
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Long-term follow-up of the effects of fecal microbiota transplantation in combination with soluble dietary fiber as a therapeutic regimen in slow transit constipation
X Zhang, H Tian, L Gu, Y Nie, C Ding, X Ge, B Yang, J Gong, N Li
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Soft EHL simulations of U-cup and step hydraulic rod seals
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Numerical model of a tandem reciprocating hydraulic rod seal
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Mechanism of stall and surge in a centrifugal compressor with a variable vaned diffuser
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Simulation of hydraulic seals
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Structure of the mitochondrial DNA control region and population genetic diversity analysis of Anabarilius grahami (Regan)
Kunming Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2008
Elastohydrodynamic model of reciprocatng hydraulic rod seals
B Yang
Georgia Institute of Technology, 2010
Traffic labeller: collecting internet traffic samples with accurate application information
P Lizhi, Z Hongli, Y Bo, C Yuehui, W Tong
China Communications 11 (1), 69-78, 2014
Sex, age, and annual incidence of primary total knee arthroplasty: a university affiliated hospital survey of 3118 Chinese patients
Y Bo, J Yu, G Xi, L Chen, Y Wang, W Jian, MA Dong
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付绍平, 杨博, 陈彤, 鱼红闪, 金凤燮
色谱 26 (1), 64-67, 2008
Characteristics of heat flux through slag film of mold slag used for high Al-TRIP steel casting
X Yu, G Wen, P Tang, B Yang
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A novel SAPK10-WRKY87-ABF1 biological pathway synergistically enhance abiotic stress tolerance in transgenic rice (Oryza sativa)
L Yan, W Baoxiang, L Jingfang, S Zhiguang, C Ming, X Yungao, X Bo, ...
Plant Physiology and Biochemistry 168, 252-262, 2021
OsbZIP72 is involved in transcriptional gene-regulation pathway of abscisic acid signal transduction by activating rice high-affinity potassium transporter OsHKT1; 1
W Baoxiang, L Yan, W Yifeng, L Jingfang, S Zhiguang, C Ming, X Yungao, ...
Rice Science 28 (3), 257-267, 2021
Forced oscillation to reduce zero flow error and thermal drift for non-reciprocal operating liquid ultrasonic flow meters
Y Bo, C Li, L Yupin
Flow measurement and instrumentation 22 (4), 257-264, 2011
Selective separation of copper and cadmium from zinc solutions by low current density electrolysis
Y Bo, C WANG, D LI, YIN Fei, YQ Chen, N WANG
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The measurement and analysis of motion behavior of bubbles in calm water
X Jiong, W Tong, Y Bo
Chinese Journal of Hydrodynamics 23 (6), 709-714, 2008
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