Radu Vacareanu
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Fore-arc and back-arc ground motion prediction model for Vrancea intermediate depth seismic source
R Vacareanu, M Radulian, M Iancovici, F Pavel, C Neagu
Journal of Earthquake Engineering 19 (3), 535-562, 2015
An updated probabilistic seismic hazard assessment for Romania and comparison with the approach and outcomes of the SHARE project
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Quality assurance and its impact from higher education institutions’ perspectives: methodological approaches, experiences and expectations
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Quality in Higher Education 21 (3), 343-371, 2015
Advanced structural analysis
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Seismic vulnerability of RC buildings in Bucharest, Romania
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On the selection of GMPEs for Vrancea subcrustal seismic source
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Risk-targeted maps for Romania
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Modern urban seismic network in Bucharest, Romania
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Real-time earthquake damage assessment in the Romanian-Bulgarian border region
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Spatial Correlation of Ground Motions from Vrancea (Romania) Intermediate‐Depth Earthquakes
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Macroseismic intensity prediction equations for Vrancea intermediate-depth seismic source
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RISK-UE, WP1: European Distinctive features, inventory database and typology
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Intensity-dependent site amplification factors for Vrancea intermediate-depth earthquakes
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Ground motion simulations for seismic stations in southern and eastern Romania and seismic hazard assessment
F Pavel, R Vacareanu
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Seismic hazard, vulnerability and risk for Vrancea events
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Representation of seismic action in the new Romanian code for design of earthquake resistant buildings P100-2003
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WP7 report seismic risk scenarios handbook
R Vacareanu, D Lungu, A Aldea, C Arion
RISK-UE project of the EC: an advanced approach to earthquake risk scenarios …, 2004
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