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Phytoremediation of contaminated soils by heavy metals and PAHs. A brief review
A Cristaldi, GO Conti, EH Jho, P Zuccarello, A Grasso, C Copat, ...
Environmental Technology & Innovation 8, 309-326, 2017
The role of air pollution (PM and NO2) in COVID-19 spread and lethality: a systematic review
C Copat, A Cristaldi, M Fiore, A Grasso, P Zuccarello, S Santo Signorelli, ...
Environmental research 191, 110129, 2020
Heavy metals concentrations in fish and shellfish from eastern Mediterranean Sea: consumption advisories
C Copat, G Arena, M Fiore, C Ledda, R Fallico, S Sciacca, M Ferrante
Food and chemical toxicology 53, 33-37, 2013
Heavy metals concentrations in fish from Sicily (Mediterranean Sea) and evaluation of possible health risks to consumers
C Copat, F Bella, M Castaing, R Fallico, S Sciacca, M Ferrante
Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology 88, 78-83, 2012
Exposure to microplastics (< 10 μm) associated to plastic bottles mineral water consumption: The first quantitative study
P Zuccarello, M Ferrante, A Cristaldi, C Copat, A Grasso, D Sangregorio, ...
Water Research 157, 365-371, 2019
Sometimes sperm whales (Physeter macrocephalus) cannot find their way back to the high seas: a multidisciplinary study on a mass stranding
S Mazzariol, G Di Guardo, A Petrella, L Marsili, CM Fossi, C Leonzio, ...
PloS one 6 (5), e19417, 2011
Trace elements in seafood from the Mediterranean sea: An exposure risk assessment
C Copat, A Grasso, M Fiore, A Cristaldi, P Zuccarello, S Santo Signorelli, ...
Food and chemical toxicology 115, 13-19, 2018
Determination of illegal antimicrobials in aquaculture feed and fish: an ELISA study
GO Conti, C Copat, Z Wang, P D'Agati, A Cristaldi, M Ferrante
Food Control 50, 937-941, 2015
PAHs in seafood from the Mediterranean Sea: an exposure risk assessment
M Ferrante, G Zanghì, A Cristaldi, C Copat, A Grasso, M Fiore, ...
Food and chemical toxicology 115, 385-390, 2018
Heavy metal concentrations in edible muscle of whitecheek shark, Carcharhinus dussumieri (elasmobranchii, chondrichthyes) from the Persian Gulf: a food safety issue
M Adel, GO Conti, M Dadar, M Mahjoub, C Copat, M Ferrante
Food and chemical toxicology 97, 135-140, 2016
Bioaccumulation of cadmium and lead and its effects on hepatopancreas morphology in three terrestrial isopod crustacean species
V Mazzei, G Longo, MV Brundo, F Sinatra, C Copat, GO Conti, M Ferrante
Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety 110, 269-279, 2014
Phytoremediation potential of Arundo donax (Giant Reed) in contaminated soil by heavy metals
A Cristaldi, GO Conti, SL Cosentino, G Mauromicale, C Copat, A Grasso, ...
Environmental research 185, 109427, 2020
Mercury and selenium intake by seafood from the Ionian Sea: A risk evaluation
C Copat, M Vinceti, MG D'Agati, G Arena, V Mauceri, A Grasso, R Fallico, ...
Ecotoxicology and environmental safety 100, 87-92, 2014
Evaluation of Heavy Metals and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) in Mullus barbatus from Sicily Channel and Risk-Based Consumption Limits
GO Conti, C Copat, C Ledda, M Fiore, R Fallico, S Sciacca, M Ferrante
Bulletin of environmental contamination and toxicology 88, 946-950, 2012
Strategies for disease prevention and health promotion in urban areas: the Erice 50 Charter
D D'Alessandro, S Arletti, A Azara, M Buffoli, L Capasso, A Cappuccitti, ...
Annali di Igiene Medicina Preventiva e di Comunita 29 (6), 481-493, 2017
Efficiency of wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) for microplastic removal: a systematic review
A Cristaldi, M Fiore, P Zuccarello, G Oliveri Conti, A Grasso, I Nicolosi, ...
International journal of environmental research and public health 17 (21), 8014, 2020
Metal and essential element levels in hair and association with autism severity
M Fiore, R Barone, C Copat, A Grasso, A Cristaldi, R Rizzo, M Ferrante
Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology 57, 126409, 2020
Systematic review of arsenic in fresh seafood from the Mediterranean Sea and European Atlantic coasts: A health risk assessment
M Ferrante, S Napoli, A Grasso, P Zuccarello, A Cristaldi, C Copat
Food and chemical toxicology 126, 322-331, 2019
Potential risk assessment of trace metals accumulation in food, water and edible tissue of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) farmed in Haraz River, northern Iran
M Dadar, M Adel, M Ferrante, H Nasrollahzadeh Saravi, C Copat, ...
Toxin Reviews 35 (3-4), 141-146, 2016
Seasonal variation of bioaccumulation in Engraulis encrasicolus (Linneaus, 1758) and related biomarkers of exposure
C Copat, MV Brundo, G Arena, A Grasso, GO Conti, C Ledda, R Fallico, ...
Ecotoxicology and environmental safety 86, 31-37, 2012
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