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Cytotoxic studies of substituted titanocene and ansa-titanocene anticancer drugs
S Gomez-Ruiz, GN Kaluđeroviæ, S Prashar, D Polo-Ceron, M Fajardo, ...
Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry 102 (8), 1558-1570, 2008
Study of the cytotoxic activity of alkenyl-substituted ansa-titanocene complexes
S Gómez-Ruiz, GN Kaluđeroviæ, D Polo-Cerón, S Prashar, M Fajardo, ...
Inorganic Chemistry Communications 10 (7), 748-752, 2007
Simple rhodium–chlorophosphine pre-catalysts for the ortho-arylation of phenols
RB Bedford, M Betham, AJM Caffyn, JPH Charmant, LC Lewis-Alleyne, ...
Chemical communications, 990-992, 2008
3D-QSAR study of ansa-metallocene catalytic behavior in ethylene polymerization
VL Cruz, S Martinez, J Martinez-Salazar, D Polo-Cerón, S Gómez-Ruiz, ...
Polymer 48 (16), 4663-4674, 2007
Steric control of the reduction of carbodiimides by samarium (II) and the synthesis of very crowded samarium (III) complexes
ML Cole, GB Deacon, CM Forsyth, PC Junk, D Polo-Cerón, J Wang
Dalton Transactions 39 (29), 6732-6738, 2010
Dual investigation of lanthanide complexes with cinnamate and phenylacetate ligands: study of the cytotoxic properties and the catalytic oxidation of styrene
A Aragón-Muriel, M Camprubí-Robles, E González-Rey, ...
Polyhedron 80, 117-128, 2014
Cu (II) and Ni (II) complexes with new tridentate NNS thiosemicarbazones: Synthesis, characterisation, DNA interaction, and antibacterial activity
D Polo-Cerón
Bioinorganic chemistry and applications 2019, 2019
Synthesis, characterization, thermal behavior, and antifungal activity of La (III) complexes with cinnamates and 4-methoxyphenylacetate
AM Alberto, PC Dorian
Journal of Rare Earths 31 (11), 1106-1113, 2013
Synthesis of chiral unbridged zirconocene complexes: Applications in the polymerization of ethylene and propylene
D Polo-Cerón, S Gómez-Ruiz, S Prashar, M Fajardo, A Antiñolo, A Otero, ...
Journal of Molecular Catalysis A: Chemical 268 (1-2), 264-276, 2007
MCM-41/ansa-zirconocene supported catalysts: Preparation, characterization and catalytic behaviour in ethylene polymerization
C Alonso-Moreno, D Perez-Quintanilla, D Polo-Cerón, S Prashar, I Sierra, ...
Journal of Molecular Catalysis A: Chemical 304 (1-2), 107-116, 2009
Synthesis and catalytic applications of C1 symmetric group 4 ansa-metallocene complexes
S Gómez-Ruiz, S Prashar, LF Sánchez-Barba, D Polo-Cerón, M Fajardo, ...
Journal of Molecular Catalysis A: Chemical 264 (1-2), 260-269, 2007
Photochemical and electrochemical studies on lanthanide complexes of 6-(hydroxymethyl) pyridine-2-carboxaldehyde [2-methyl-pyrimidine-4, 6-diyl] bis-hydrazone
MA Fernández, JC Barona, D Polo-Cerón, MN Chaur
Revista Colombiana de Química 43 (1), 5-11, 2014
A novel alkenyl-substituted ansa-zirconocene complex with dual application as olefin polymerization catalyst and anticancer drug
S Gómez-Ruiz, GN Kaluđeroviæ, D Polo-Cerón, V Tayurskaya, S Prashar, ...
Journal of Organometallic Chemistry 694 (18), 3032-3038, 2009
Synthesis, antibacterial activity and DNA interactions of lanthanide (IU) complexes of N (4)-substituted thiosemicarbazones
JD Londoño-Mosquera, A Aragón-Muriel, D Polo-Cerón
Universitas Scientiarum 23 (2), 141-169, 2018
Synthesis, characterization and catalytic behaviour of ansa-zirconocene complexes containing tetraphenylcyclopentadienyl rings: X-ray crystal structures of [Zr {Me2Si (η5-C5Ph4 …
S Gómez-Ruiz, D Polo-Cerón, S Prashar, M Fajardo, J Ramos, ...
Journal of Organometallic Chemistry 693 (4), 601-610, 2008
In vitro evaluation of the potential pharmacological activity and molecular targets of new benzimidazole-based schiff base metal complexes
A Aragón-Muriel, Y Liscano, Y Upegui, SM Robledo, MT Ramírez-Apan, ...
Antibiotics 10 (6), 728, 2021
Studies on the interaction of alyteserin 1c peptide and its cationic analogue with model membranes imitating mammalian and bacterial membranes
A Aragón-Muriel, A Ausili, K Sánchez, OE Rojas A, J Londoño Mosquera, ...
Biomolecules 9 (10), 527, 2019
Synthesis, characterization and biological evaluation of rare earth complexes against tropical diseases Leishmaniasis, Malaria and Trypanosomiasis
A Aragón-Muriel, Y Upegui, JA Muñoz, SM Robledo, D Polo-Cerón
Avances en Química 11 (2), 53-61, 2016
Synthesis and Reactivity of Alkenyl‐Substituted Zirconocene Complexes and Their Application as Olefin Polymerisation Catalysts
S Gómez‐Ruiz, D Polo‐Cerón, S Prashar, M Fajardo, A Antiñolo, A Otero
European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry 2007 (28), 4445-4455, 2007
Synthesis of bulky zirconocene dichloride compounds and their applications in olefin polymerization
D Polo-Cerón, S Gómez-Ruiz, S Prashar, M Fajardo, A Antiñolo, A Otero
Collection of Czechoslovak Chemical Communications 72 (5), 747-763, 2007
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