Farhan R. Khan
Farhan R. Khan
Senior Researcher, NORCE (Norwegian Research Centre)
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Freshwater plastic pollution: Recognizing research biases and identifying knowledge gaps
MCM Blettler, E Abrial, FR Khan, N Sivri, LA Espinola
Water research 143, 416-424, 2018
Microplastics: addressing ecological risk through lessons learned
K Syberg, FR Khan, H Selck, A Palmqvist, GT Banta, J Daley, L Sano, ...
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FJ Biginagwa, BS Mayoma, Y Shashoua, K Syberg, FR Khan
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FR Khan, K Syberg, Y Shashoua, NR Bury
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Plastic debris and microplastics along the beaches of the Strait of Hormuz, Persian Gulf
A Naji, Z Esmaili, FR Khan
Marine pollution bulletin 114 (2), 1057-1062, 2017
Cellular Internalization of Silver Nanoparticles in Gut Epithelia of the Estuarine Polychaete Nereis diversicolor
J García-Alonso, FR Khan, SK Misra, M Turmaine, BD Smith, PS Rainbow, ...
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Single contaminant and combined exposures of polyethylene microplastics and fluoranthene: accumulation and oxidative stress response in the blue mussel, Mytilus edulis
G Magara, AC Elia, K Syberg, FR Khan
Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health, Part A 81 (16), 761-773, 2018
Accumulation Dynamics and Acute Toxicity of Silver Nanoparticles to Daphnia magna and Lumbriculus variegatus: Implications for Metal Modeling Approaches
FR Khan, KB Paul, AD Dybowska, E Valsami-Jones, JR Lead, V Stone, ...
Environmental science & technology 49 (7), 4389-4397, 2015
Bioaccumulation dynamics and modeling in an estuarine invertebrate following aqueous exposure to nanosized and dissolved silver
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Ecotoxicology of micronized tire rubber: Past, present and future considerations
LL Halle, A Palmqvist, K Kampmann, FR Khan
Science of the Total Environment 706, 135694, 2020
Trophic transfer of metal-based nanoparticles in aquatic environments: a review and recommendations for future research focus
SR Tangaa, H Selck, M Winther-Nielsen, FR Khan
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Characterisation of bioaccumulation dynamics of three differently coated silver nanoparticles and aqueous silver in a simple freshwater food chain
J Kalman, KB Paul, FR Khan, V Stone, TF Fernandes
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Microplastic potentiates triclosan toxicity to the marine copepod Acartia tonsa (Dana)
K Syberg, A Nielsen, FR Khan, GT Banta, A Palmqvist, PM Jepsen
Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health, Part A 80 (23-24), 1369-1371, 2017
In vivo retention of ingested Au NPs by Daphnia magna: no evidence for trans-epithelial alimentary uptake
FR Khan, GM Kennaway, MN Croteau, A Dybowska, BD Smith, ...
Chemosphere 100, 97-104, 2014
Effects of combined exposures of fluoranthene and polyethylene or polyhydroxybutyrate microplastics on oxidative stress biomarkers in the blue mussel (Mytilus edulis)
G Magara, FR Khan, M Pinti, K Syberg, A Inzirillo, AC Elia
Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health, Part A, 1-10, 2019
Acute and long-term toxicity of micronized car tire wear particles to Hyalella azteca
FR Khan, LL Halle, A Palmqvist
Aquatic Toxicology 213, 105216, 2019
Differential tolerance of two Gammarus pulex populations transplanted from different metallogenic regions to a polymetal gradient
FR Khan, JR Irving, NR Bury, C Hogstrand
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Risk perception of plastic pollution: Importance of stakeholder involvement and citizen science
K Syberg, SF Hansen, TB Christensen, FR Khan
Freshwater microplastics, 203-221, 2018
Microplastics in Inland African Waters: Presence, Sources, and Fate
FR Khan, BS Mayoma, FJ Biginagwa, K Syberg
Freshwater Microplastics, 101-124, 2018
Inhibition of potential uptake pathways for silver nanoparticles in the estuarine snail Peringia ulvae
FR Khan, SK Misra, NR Bury, BD Smith, PS Rainbow, SN Luoma, ...
Nanotoxicology 9 (4), 493-501, 2015
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