Costel Sarbu
Costel Sarbu
Professor of Analytical Chemistry, Babes-Bolyai University
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Citat de
Principal component analysis versus fuzzy principal component analysis: a case study: the quality of Danube water (1985–1996)
C Sârbu, HF Pop
Talanta 65 (5), 1215-1220, 2005
Quantitative determination of some food dyes using digital processing of images obtained by thin-layer chromatography
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Rapid and effective evaluation of the antioxidant capacity of propolis extracts using DPPH bleaching kinetic profiles, FT-IR and UV―vis spectroscopic data
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Classification and fingerprinting of kiwi and pomelo fruits by multivariate analysis of chromatographic and spectroscopic data
C Sârbu, RD Nașcu-Briciu, A Kot-Wasik, S Gorinstein, A Wasik, ...
Food Chemistry 130 (4), 994-1002, 2012
Analytical challenges and recent advances in the determination of estrogens in water environments
RD Briciu, A Kot-Wasik, J Namiesnik
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Evaluation of the lipophilicity of bile acids and their derivatives by thin-layer chromatography and principal component analysis
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Robust fuzzy principal component analysis (FPCA). A comparative study concerning interaction of carbon− hydrogen bonds with molybdenum− oxo bonds
TR Cundari, C Sârbu, HF Pop
Journal of chemical information and computer sciences 42 (6), 1363-1369, 2002
Determination of lipophilicity of some non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents and their relationships by using principal component analysis based on thin-layer chromatographic …
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Rapid and effective evaluation of the antioxidant capacity of propolis extracts using DPPH bleaching kinetic profiles, FT-IR and UV–vis spectroscopic data
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Simultaneous spectrophotometric determination of aspirin, paracetamol, caffeine, and chlorphenamine from pharmaceutical formulations using multivariate regression methods
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A new fuzzy regression algorithm
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Danube River water data modelling by multivariate data analysis
V Simeonov, C Sarbu, DL Massart, S Tsakovski
Microchimica Acta 137, 243-248, 2001
Redox reactivity in propolis: Direct detection of free radicals in basic medium and interaction with hemoglobin
AC Mot, G Damian, C Sarbu, R Silaghi-Dumitrescu
Redox Report 14 (6), 267-274, 2009
Quantitative structure—retention and retention—activity relationships of some 1, 3-oxazolidine systems by RP-HPTLC and PCA
C Sarbu, D Casoni, M Darabantu, C Maiereanu
Journal of pharmaceutical and biomedical analysis 35 (1), 213-219, 2004
Fuzzy divisive hierarchical clustering of soil data using Gustafson–Kessel algorithm
C Sarbu, K Zehl, JW Einax
Chemometrics and intelligent laboratory systems 86 (1), 121-129, 2007
Characterization of clinically relevant fungi via SERS fingerprinting assisted by novel chemometric models
NE Dina, AMR Gherman, V Chiş, C Sârbu, A Wieser, D Bauer, ...
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Journal of Chromatography A 1217 (23), 3702-3706, 2010
Multivariate analysis of reflectance spectra from propolis: geographical variation in Romanian samples
AC Moț, F Soponar, C Sârbu
Talanta 81 (3), 1010-1015, 2010
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