Barry Twomey
Barry Twomey
School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, UCD
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Corrosion behaviour of biodegradable magnesium alloys with hydroxyapatite coatings
CF Dunne, GK Levy, O Hakimi, E Aghion, B Twomey, KT Stanton
Surface and Coatings Technology 289, 37-44, 2016
Effect of plasma exposure on the chemistry and morphology of aerosol‐assisted, plasma‐deposited coatings
B Twomey, M Rahman, G Byrne, A Hynes, LA O'Hare, L O'Neill, ...
Plasma processes and polymers 5 (8), 737-744, 2008
Electrical, thermal and optical diagnostics of an atmospheric plasma jet system
CE Nwankire, VJ Law, A Nindrayog, B Twomey, K Niemi, V Milosavljeviæ, ...
Plasma chemistry and plasma processing 30 (5), 537-552, 2010
Properties of Siloxane Coatings Deposited in a Reel‐to‐Reel Atmospheric Pressure Plasma System
B Twomey, D Dowling, G Byrne, L O'Neill, LA O'Hare
Plasma Processes and Polymers 4 (S1), S450-S454, 2007
Comparison between shot peening and abrasive blasting processes as deposition methods for hydroxyapatite coatings onto a titanium alloy
GD Byrne, L O'Neill, B Twomey, DP Dowling
Surface and Coatings Technology 216, 224-231, 2013
Co-blasting of titanium surfaces with an abrasive and hydroxyapatite to produce a bioactive coating: substrate and coating characterisation
C Dunne, B Twomey, LO Neill, K Stanton
Journal of Biomaterials Applications 28 (5), 767-778, 2014
Deposition of hybrid organic–inorganic composite coatings using an atmospheric plasma jet system
A Dembele, M Rahman, I Reid, B Twomey, JM MacElroy, DP Dowling
Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 11 (10), 8730-8737, 2011
Generation of Active Species in a Large Atmospheric-Pressure Plasma Jet
FT O'Neill, B Twomey, VJ Law, V Milosavljeviæ, MG Kong, SD Anghel, ...
IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science 40 (11), 2992-3004, 2012
A thermal control surface for the Solar Orbiter
KAJ Doherty, JG Carton, A Norman, T McCaul, B Twomey, KT Stanton
Acta Astronautica 117, 430-439, 2015
Evaluation and comparison of hydroxyapatite coatings deposited using both thermal and non-thermal techniques
JN Barry, B Twomey, A Cowley, L O'Neill, PJ McNally, DP Dowling
Surface and Coatings Technology 226, 82-91, 2013
Correlation between the electrical and optical properties of an atmospheric pressure plasma during siloxane coating deposition
B Twomey, A Nindrayog, K Niemi, WG Graham, DP Dowling
Plasma Chemistry and Plasma Processing 31 (1), 139-156, 2011
Ex-situ evaluation of PTFE coated metals in a proton exchange membrane fuel cell environment
A Baroutaji, JG Carton, AM Oladoye, J Stokes, B Twomey, AG Olabi
Surface and Coatings Technology 323, 10-17, 2017
Rapid discharge sintering of nickel–diamond metal matrix composites
B Twomey, A Breen, G Byrne, A Hynes, DP Dowling
Journal of Materials Processing Technology 211 (7), 1210-1216, 2011
Effect of titanium oxide nanoparticle incorporation into nm thick coatings deposited using an atmospheric pressure plasma
DP Denis, T Barry, B Gerry
Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 10 (4), 2746-2752, 2010
Hydroxyapatite and fluorapatite coatings on dental screws: effects of blast coating process and biological response
C Dunne, B Twomey, C Kelly, JC Simpson, KT Stanton
Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Medicine 26 (1), 22, 2015
Use of a blast coating process to promote adhesion between aluminium surfaces for the automotive industry
J Flanagan, P Schütze, C Dunne, B Twomey, KT Stanton
The Journal of Adhesion 96 (6), 580-601, 2020
High-Temperature Solar Reflector Coating for the Solar Orbiter
KAJ Doherty, B Twomey, S McGlynn, N MacAuliffe, A Norman, B Bras, ...
Journal of Spacecraft and Rockets 53 (6), 1077-1084, 2016
Deposition of hydroxyapatite onto shape memory NiTi wire
CF Dunne, K Roche, B Twomey, KT Stanton
Materials Letters 176, 185-188, 2016
Effect of a blast coating process on the macro-and microstructure of Grade 5 titanium foam
CF Dunne, B Twomey, KT Stanton
Materials Letters 147, 75-78, 2015
Flat absorber coating for spacecraft thermal control applications
KAJ Doherty, CF Dunne, A Norman, T McCaul, B Twomey, KT Stanton
Journal of Spacecraft and Rockets 53 (6), 1035-1042, 2016
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