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Study of physico-chemical characteristics of wastewater in an urban agglomeration in Romania
P Popa, M Timofti, M Voiculescu, S Dragan, C Trif, LP Georgescu
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Lower Danube water quality quantified through WQI and multivariate analysis
C Iticescu, LP Georgescu, G Murariu, C Topa, M Timofti, V Pintilie, ...
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A comparative approach to a series of physico-chemical quality indices used in assessing water quality in the Lower Danube
M Calmuc, V Calmuc, M Arseni, C Topa, M Timofti, LP Georgescu, ...
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The characteristics of sewage sludge used on agricultural lands
C Iticescu, LP Georgescu, G Murariu, A Circiumaru, M Timofti
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Optimal solutions for the use of sewage sludge on agricultural lands
C Iticescu, PL Georgescu, M Arseni, A Rosu, M Timofti, G Carp, LI Cioca
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Multivariate statistical analyses of Danube River water quality at Galati, Romania.
P Popa, G Murariu, M Timofti, LP Georgescu
Environmental Engineering & Management Journal (EEMJ) 17 (5), 2018
Assessment of heavy metal pollution levels in sediments and of ecological risk by quality indices, applying a case study: The Lower Danube River, Romania
VA Calmuc, M Calmuc, M Arseni, CM Topa, M Timofti, A Burada, ...
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Various methods for calculating the water quality index
VA Călmuc, M Călmuc, MC Țopa, M Timofti, C Iticescu, LP Georgescu
Analele Universității” Dunărea de Jos” din Galați. Fascicula II, Matematică …, 2018
Complementary approach for numerical modelling of physicochemical parameters of the Prut River aquatic system
M Timofti, P Popa, G Murariu, L Georgescu, C Iticescu, M Barbu
Journal of Environmental protection and Ecology 17 (1), 53-63, 2016
Ohmic heating process characterizations during apple puree processing
OV Nistor, E Botez, E Luca, GD Mocanu, DG Andronoiu, M Timofti
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Multivariate statistical analyses of water quality of Danube River at Galati, Romania
P Popa, G Murariu, M Timofti, LP Georgescu
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Study of anthropogenic effects on the quality of the lower Prut river.
M Voiculescu, LP Georgescu, S Dragan, M Timofti, A Caldararu
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Danube water quality during and after flood near an urban agglomeration
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Study of spatial and temporal variations of some chemical pollutants of the Lower Siret River
PL Georgescu, M Voiculescu, S Dragan, A Caldararu, M Timofti
Journal of Environmental Protection and Ecology 11 (3), 837-844, 2010
Preliminary analysis on the River Danube water quality by using different kinds of methods
M Timofti, C Iticescu, M Arseni, M Calmuc, VA Calmuc, LP Georgescu
Int J Biosci Biochem Bioinform 9 (1), 65-72, 2019
Comparison between pristine lagoon water systems in Romania and Italy. Case study—Leahova and Sinoe lagoons (Romania) and Cesine lagoon (Italy)
G Murariu, L Georgescu, M Timofti, C Iticescu, C Topa, P Popa, ...
Current Opinion in Biotechnology, S66, 2013
Seasonal statistical analysis on the quality of underwater supplies In South-Eastern Romania
G Murariu, M Timofti, I Savinuta, A Murariu, C Iticescu, L Gerogescu, ...
REV. CHIM.(Bucharest) 70 (3), 820-827, 2019
Review on water quality assessment in the Danube river basin
M Călmuc, VA Călmuc, MC Țopa, M Timofti, C Ilticescu, LP Georgescu
Analele Universității” Dunărea de Jos” din Galați. Fascicula II, Matematică …, 2018
Chimie analitică și anlize fizico-chimice: îndrumar de lucrări practice de laborator
G Cârâc, P Popa, M Timofti
Galati University Press, 2010
Atmospheric measurements in the context of protection and conservation of cultural heritage objects
A Rosu, DE Constantin, M Arseni, M Timofti
AIP Conference Proceedings 2218 (1), 030015, 2020
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