Cristea (Balas) Gabriela
Cristea (Balas) Gabriela
National Institute for Research and Development of Isotopic and Molecular technologies
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Tritium in water electrolytic enrichment and liquid scintillation counting
W Plastino, I Chereji, S Cuna, L Kaihola, P De Felice, N Lupsa, G Balas, ...
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DA Magdas, F Guyon, R Puscas, A Vigouroux, L Gaillard, A Dehelean, ...
Food Chemistry 334, 127599, 2021
Carbon isotope composition as indicator for climatic changes during the middle and late Holocene in a peat bog from Maramureș Mountains (Romania)
G Cristea, SM Cuna, S Fărcaș, I Tanțău, E Dordai, DA Măgdaș
The Holocene 24 (1), 15-23, 2014
Isotopic and elemental markers for geographical origin and organically grown carrots discrimination
DA Magdas, I Feher, A Dehelean, G Cristea, TM Magdas, R Puscas, ...
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Stable isotopes determination in some Romanian wines
DA Magdas, S Cuna, G Cristea, RE Ionete, D Costinel
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Discrimination markers for the geographical and species origin of raw milk within Romania
DA Magdas, A Dehelean, I Feher, G Cristea, R Puscas, SD Dan, ...
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Effects of natural environmental factors on δ13C of lichens
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Physico-chemical and biological studies on water from Aries River (Romania)
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The use of isotope ratios in commercial fruit juices authentication
DA Magdas, G Cristea, R Puscas, F Tusa
Romanian Journal of Physics 59 (3-4), 355-9, 2014
Isotopic oxygen ratios and trace metal determination in some Romanian commercial wines
V Avram, DA Magdas, C Voica, G Cristea, C Cimpoiu, A Hosu, C Marutoiu
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Characterization of vegetables by stable isotopic and elemental signatures
G Cristea, I Feher, DA Magdas, C Voica, R Puscas
Analytical Letters 50 (17), 2677-2690, 2017
Isotopic and elemental analysis of apple and orange juice by isotope ratio mass spectrometry (IRMS) and inductively coupled plasma–mass spectrometry (ICP-MS)
G Cristea, A Dehelean, C Voica, I Feher, R Puscas, DA Magdas
Analytical Letters 54 (1-2), 212-226, 2021
Determination of stable isotopes, minerals, and volatile organic compounds in Romanian orange juice
GR Schmutzer, A Dehelean, DA Magdas, G Cristea, C Voica
Analytical letters 49 (16), 2644-2658, 2016
Opportunities and constraints in applying artificial neural networks (ANNs) in food authentication. Honey—A case study
AR Hategan, R Puscas, G Cristea, A Dehelean, F Guyon, AJ Molnar, ...
Applied Sciences 11 (15), 6723, 2021
Stable isotope determination in edible mushrooms from the spontaneous flora of Transylvania
RH Puscas, GI Cristea, S Radu
Analytical Letters 52 (1), 102-110, 2019
Multielemental analysis of coffee by inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry
C Voica, I Feher, AM Iordache, G Cristea, A Dehelean, DA Magdas, ...
Analytical Letters 49 (16), 2627-2643, 2016
REEs–a possible tool for geographical origin assessment?
DA Magdas, O Marincaș, G Cristea, I Feher, N Vedeanu
Environmental Chemistry 17 (2), 148-157, 2019
Measurements of stable isotope ratios in milk samples from a farm placed in the mountains of Transylvania
DA Magdas, G Cristea, DV Cordea, A Bot, R Puscas, S Radu, V Mirel, ...
AIP Conference Proceedings 1565 (1), 304-307, 2013
Investigation of trace metals content and carbon isotopic composition on the soil leaf-fruit chain from some Transylvanian areas
A Dehelean, DA Magdas, G Cristea
Analytical Letters 46 (3), 498-507, 2013
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