Fabrice Talla Nobibon
Fabrice Talla Nobibon
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Robust optimization for resource-constrained project scheduling with uncertain activity durations
C Artigues, R Leus, F Talla Nobibon
Flexible Services and Manufacturing Journal 25, 175-205, 2013
Exact algorithms for a generalization of the order acceptance and scheduling problem in a single-machine environment
FT Nobibon, R Leus
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FT Nobibon, L Cherchye, Y Crama, T Demuynck, B De Rock, ...
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Proactive and reactive strategies for football league timetabling
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Heuristics for deciding collectively rational consumption behavior
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Resource loading with time windows
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Complexity results and exact algorithms for robust knapsack problems
F Talla Nobibon, R Leus
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On the complexity of testing the collective axiom of revealed preference
FT Nobibon, FCR Spieksma
Mathematical Social Sciences 60 (2), 123-136, 2010
Robust maximum weighted independent-set problems on interval graphs
F Talla Nobibon, R Leus
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Order acceptance and scheduling in a single-machine environment: exact and heuristic algorithms
FT Nobibon, J Herbots, R Leus
Available at SSRN 1472957, 2009
Foundation and formulation of stochastic interval programming [PGD thesis]
FT Nobibon, R Guo
African Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Cape Town, South Africa, 2006
A note on testing axioms of revealed preference
F Talla Nobibon, B Smeulders, FCR Spieksma
Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications 166, 1063-1070, 2015
Coloring graphs using two colors while avoiding monochromatic cycles
FT Nobibon, CAJ Hurkens, R Leus, FCR Spieksma
Informs Journal on Computing 24 (3), 485-499, 2012
Minimum-cost diagnostic strategies for k-out-of-n systems with imperfect tests
W Wei, K Coolen, FT Nobibon, R Leus
Discrete Applied Mathematics 222, 185-196, 2017
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