Nihar B. Shah
Nihar B. Shah
ML and CS departments, Carnegie Mellon University
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Citat de
Optimal Exact-Regenerating Codes for Distributed Storage at the MSR and MBR Points via a Product-Matrix Construction
KV Rashmi*, NB Shah*, PV Kumar (* = equal contribution)
Information Theory, IEEE Transactions on 57 (8), 5227-5239, 2011
A Solution to the Network Challenges of Data Recovery in Erasure-coded Distributed Storage Systems: A Study on the Facebook Warehouse Cluster
KV Rashmi, NB Shah, D Gu, H Kuang, D Borthakur, K Ramchandran
USENIX HotStorage 2013, 2013
Explicit construction of optimal exact regenerating codes for distributed storage
KV Rashmi*, NB Shah*, PV Kumar, ...
Communication, Control, and Computing, 2009. Allerton 2009. 47th Annual …, 2009
Distributed storage codes with repair-by-transfer and nonachievability of interior points on the storage-bandwidth tradeoff
NB Shah*, KV Rashmi*, PV Kumar, ...
Information Theory, IEEE Transactions on 58 (3), 1837-1852, 2012
A" hitchhiker's" guide to fast and efficient data reconstruction in erasure-coded data centers
KV Rashmi, NB Shah, D Gu, H Kuang, D Borthakur, K Ramchandran
Proceedings of the 2014 ACM conference on SIGCOMM, 331-342, 2014
Interference alignment in regenerating codes for distributed storage: Necessity and code constructions
NB Shah*, KV Rashmi*, PV Kumar, ...
Information Theory, IEEE Transactions on 58 (4), 2134-2158, 2012
When Do Redundant Requests Reduce Latency?
NB Shah, K Lee, K Ramchandran
51st Allerton Conference on Communication, Control, and Computing, 2013
One extra bit of download ensures perfectly private information retrieval
NB Shah, KV Rashmi, K Ramchandran
2014 IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory, 856-860, 2014
Estimation from Pairwise Comparisons: Sharp Minimax Bounds with Topology Dependence
NB Shah, S Balakrishnan, J Bradley, A Parekh, K Ramchandran, ...
Proceedings of the Eighteenth International Conference on Artificial …, 2015
Simple, robust and optimal ranking from pairwise comparisons
NB Shah, MJ Wainwright
Journal of machine learning research 18 (199), 1-38, 2018
Stochastically transitive models for pairwise comparisons: Statistical and computational issues
N Shah, S Balakrishnan, A Guntuboyina, M Wainwright
IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, 2017
The MDS queue: Analysing the latency performance of erasure codes
K Lee, NB Shah, L Huang, K Ramchandran
IEEE Transactions on Information Theory 63 (5), 2822-2842, 2017
Having your cake and eating it too: Jointly optimal erasure codes for {I/O}, storage, and network-bandwidth
KV Rashmi, P Nakkiran, J Wang, NB Shah, K Ramchandran
13th USENIX Conference on File and Storage Technologies (FAST 15), 81-94, 2015
Information-theoretically Secure Regenerating Codes for Distributed Storage
NB Shah*, KV Rashmi*, PV Kumar (* = equal contribution)
IEEE Globecom 2011, 2011
Active ranking from pairwise comparisons and when parametric assumptions do not help
R Heckel, NB Shah, K Ramchandran, MJ Wainwright
A case for ordinal peer-evaluation in MOOCs
NB Shah, JK Bradley, A Parekh, M Wainwright, K Ramchandran
NIPS workshop on data driven education 15, 67, 2013
Double or nothing: Multiplicative incentive mechanisms for crowdsourcing
NB Shah, D Zhou
Journal of Machine Learning Research 17 (165), 1-52, 2016
A piggybacking design framework for read-and download-efficient distributed storage codes
KV Rashmi, NB Shah, K Ramchandran
IEEE Transactions on Information Theory 63 (9), 5802-5820, 2017
Explicit codes minimizing repair bandwidth for distributed storage
NB Shah*, KV Rashmi*, PV Kumar, ...
Information Theory Workshop (ITW), 2010 IEEE, 1-5, 2010
Explicit codes uniformly reducing repair bandwidth in distributed storage
NB Shah*, KV Rashmi*, PV Kumar, ...
Communications (NCC), 2010 National Conference on, 2010
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