Sreekala Bajwa
Sreekala Bajwa
College of Agriculture & Montana Agricultural Experiment Station
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A concise review of current lignin production, applications, products and their environmental impact
DS Bajwa, G Pourhashem, AH Ullah, SG Bajwa
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Impact of land use change on erosion risk: an integrated remote sensing, geographic information system and modeling methodology
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Soybean Disease Monitoring with Leaf Reflectance
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Properties of thermoplastic composites with cotton and guayule biomass residues as fiber fillers
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Deterioration in the physico-mechanical and thermal properties of biopolymers due to reprocessing
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Evaluation of a flow control system for site-specific herbicide applications
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Rheological properties of cellulose nanocrystals engineered polylactic acid nanocomposites
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Characterization of bio-carbon and ligno-cellulosic fiber reinforced bio-composites with compatibilizer
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Chlorophyll estimation in soybean leaves infield with smartphone digital imaging and machine learning
O Hassanijalilian, C Igathinathane, C Doetkott, S Bajwa, J Nowatzki, ...
Computers and Electronics in Agriculture 174, 105433, 2020
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