Andrea Migliorini
Andrea Migliorini
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Spontaneous exchange bias formation driven by a structural phase transition in the antiferromagnetic material
A Migliorini, B Kuerbanjiang, T Huminiuc, D Kepaptsoglou, M Muñoz, ...
Nature materials 17 (1), 28, 2018
Three-dimensional racetrack memory devices designed from freestanding magnetic heterostructures
K Gu, Y Guan, BK Hazra, H Deniz, A Migliorini, W Zhang, SSP Parkin
Nature Nanotechnology, 1-7, 2022
Giant Transition-State Quasiparticle Spin-Hall Effect in an Exchange-Spin-Split Superconductor Detected by Nonlocal Magnon Spin Transport
KR Jeon, JC Jeon, X Zhou, A Migliorini, J Yoon, SSP Parkin
ACS nano 14 (11), 15874-15883, 2020
Protecting Private Communications in Cyber-Physical Systems through Physical Unclonable Functions
M Pérez-Jiménez, BB Sánchez, A Migliorini, R Alcarria
Electronics 8 (4), 390, 2019
Giant Spin Hall Effect and Spin–Orbit Torques in 5d Transition Metal–Aluminum Alloys from Extrinsic Scattering
P Wang, A Migliorini, SH Yang, JC Jeon, I Kostanovskiy, H Meyerheim, ...
Advanced Materials, 2109406, 2022
Deterministic and time resolved thermo-magnetic switching in a nickel nanowire
MP Proenca, M Muñoz, I Villaverde, A Migliorini, V Raposo, L Lopez-Diaz, ...
Scientific reports 9 (1), 1-8, 2019
Local and global energy barriers for chiral domain walls in synthetic antiferromagnet–ferromagnet lateral junctions
J Yoon, SH Yang, JC Jeon, A Migliorini, I Kostanovskiy, T Ma, S Parkin
Nature Nanotechnology, 1-9, 2022
Dynamic Manipulation of Chiral Domain Wall Spacing for Advanced Spintronic Memory and Logic Devices
JC Jeon, A Migliorini, L Fischer, J Yoon, SSP Parkin
ACS nano, 2024
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