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Marlene Kienberger
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Potential and assessment of lactic acid production and isolation–a review
S Jantasee, M Kienberger, N Mungma, M Siebenhofer
Journal of chemical technology & biotechnology 92 (12), 2885-2893, 2017
Systematic review on isolation processes for technical lignin
M Kienberger, S Maitz, T Pichler, P Demmelmayer
Processes 9 (5), 804, 2021
Reactive Extraction of Lactic Acid, Formic Acid and Acetic Acid from Aqueous Solutions with Tri-n-octylamine/1-Octanol/n-Undecane
N Mungma, M Kienberger, M Siebenhofer
ChemEngineering 3 (2), 43, 2019
Preparation and Characterization of a Water‐Soluble Kraft Lignin
S Maitz, W Schlemmer, MA Hobisch, J Hobisch, M Kienberger
Advanced Sustainable Systems 4 (8), 2000052, 2020
Reactive extraction of lactic acid from sweet sorghum silage press juice
P Demmelmayer, M Kienberger
Separation and Purification Technology 282, 120090, 2022
Theory and practice of European co-operative education and training for the support of energy transition
S Maier, M Narodoslawsky, L Borell-Damián, M Arentsen, M Kienberger, ...
Energy, sustainability and society 9, 1-12, 2019
Potential applications of lignin
M Kienberger
Economics of Bioresources: Concepts, Tools, Experiences, 183-193, 2019
Thymol-menthol-based deep eutectic solvent as a modifier in reactive liquid–liquid extraction of carboxylic acids from pretreated sweet sorghum silage press juice
P Demmelmayer, L Steiner, H Weber, M Kienberger
Separation and Purification Technology 310, 123060, 2023
Screening of reactive extractants for the lignosulfonate extraction from lignosulfonate model solution and spent sulfite liquor
P Demmelmayer, J Hilgert, R Wijaya, M Kienberger
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 59 (37), 16420-16426, 2020
Continuous Neutralization of NaOH Solution with CO2 in an Internal‐Loop Airlift Reactor 
T Pichler, B Stoppacher, A Kaufmann, M Siebenhofer, M Kienberger
Chemical Engineering & Technology 44 (1), 38-47, 2021
Influence of long-term heat treatment of kraft black liquor on lignin precipitation and material properties
T Pichler, S Maitz, M Kienberger
Holzforschung 74 (3), 286-292, 2020
Biobased support layers for the fractionation and selective extraction of lignosulfonates
M Kienberger, P Demmelmayer, M Weißl, A Zankl, S Spirk
Solvent Extraction and Ion Exchange 38 (1), 132-141, 2020
Conversion of carbohydrates to carboxylic acids during hydrothermal and oxidative treatment of concentrated kraft black liquor
S Maitz, M Siebenhofer, M Kienberger
Bioresource Technology Reports 19, 101148, 2022
A systematic review on waste as sustainable feedstock for bioactive molecules—Extraction as isolation technology
A Drescher, M Kienberger
Processes 10 (8), 1668, 2022
Emulsion prevention with supported liquid membrane permeation
M Kienberger, M Hackl, M Siebenhofer
Chemical Engineering & Technology 41 (3), 504-508, 2018
Recovery of acetic acid using esterification of acetic acid with n-octanol in a membrane reactor
M Kienberger, M Hackl, M Siebenhofer
Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering 6 (2), 3161-3166, 2018
Reactive extraction of lactic acid from an alkaline aqueous solution with an ammonium-based ionic liquids
N Mungma, M Kienberger, T Kracik, M Siebenhofer
Int. J. Res. Eng. Sci 6 (8), 2018
Isolation of carboxylic acids and NaOH from Kraft black liquor with a membrane-based process sequence
S Maitz, L Wernsperger, M Kienberger
Membranes 13 (1), 92, 2023
Reactive extraction of lactic acid with Trioctylamine/Octanol/n-Undecane
N Mungma, M Kienberger, M Siebenhofer
2017 AIChE annual meeting, 2017
Process development strategies: Lactic acid isolation
N Mungma, M Kienberger, M Siebenhofer
12th Minisymposium VT, 249-252, 2016
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