Christian Larsson
Christian Larsson
PhD Student, Automatic Control, KTH
Adresă de e-mail confirmată pe ee.kth.se
Citat de
Citat de
Model predictive control with integrated experiment design for output error systems
CA Larsson, M Annergren, H Hjalmarsson, CR Rojas, X Bombois, ...
2013 European Control Conference (ECC), 3790-3795, 2013
Application-oriented input design in system identification: Optimal input design for control [applications of control]
M Annergren, CA Larsson, H Hjalmarsson, X Bombois, B Wahlberg
IEEE Control Systems Magazine 37 (2), 31-56, 2017
Experimental evaluation of model predictive control with excitation (MPC-X) on an industrial depropanizer
CA Larsson, CR Rojas, X Bombois, H Hjalmarsson
Journal of Process Control 31, 1-16, 2015
On optimal input design for nonlinear FIR-type systems
CA Larsson, H Hjalmarsson, CR Rojas
49th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control (CDC), 7220-7225, 2010
An application-oriented approach to dual control with excitation for closed-loop identification
CA Larsson, A Ebadat, CR Rojas, X Bombois, H Hjalmarsson
European Journal of Control 29, 1-16, 2016
MPC oriented experiment design
CA Larsson, CR Rojas, H Hjalmarsson
IFAC Proceedings Volumes 44 (1), 9966-9971, 2011
On optimal input design in system identification for model predictive control
CA Larsson, M Annergren, H Hjalmarsson
2011 50th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control and European Control …, 2011
Application set approximation in optimal input design for model predictive control
A Ebadat, M Annergren, CA Larsson, CR Rojas, B Wahlberg, ...
2014 European Control Conference (ECC), 744-749, 2014
Application-oriented experiment design for industrial model predictive control
CA Larsson
KTH Royal Institute of Technology, 2014
Robust and adaptive excitation signal generation for input and output constrained systems
P Hägg, CA Larsson, H Hjalmarsson
2013 European Control Conference (ECC), 1416-1421, 2013
Fuel-efficient model predictive control for heavy duty vehicle platooning using neural networks
G Ling, K Lindsten, O Ljungqvist, J Löfberg, C Norén, CA Larsson
2018 Annual American Control Conference (ACC), 3994-4001, 2018
MOOSE2—A toolbox for least-costly application-oriented input design
M Annergren, CA Larsson
SoftwareX 5, 96-100, 2016
Applications oriented input design in time-domain through cyclic methods
A Ebadat, B Wahlberg, H Hjalmarsson, CR Rojas, P Hägg, CA Larsson
IFAC Proceedings Volumes 47 (3), 1422-1427, 2014
Input signal generation for constrained multiple-input multple-output systems
P Hägg, CA Larsson, A Ebadat, B Wahlberg, H Hjalmarsson
IFAC Proceedings Volumes 47 (3), 1410-1415, 2014
Toward applications oriented optimal input design with focus on model predictive control
C Larsson
KTH Royal Institute of Technology, 2011
Robust Input Design For Resonant Systems Under Limit A Priori Information
CA Larsson, E Geerardyn, J Schoukens
16th IFAC Symposium on System Identification, 2012
Generation of excitation signals with prescribed autocorrelation for input and output constrained systems
CA Larsson, P Hägg, H Hjalmarsson
2013 American Control Conference, 3918-3923, 2013
On the way to autonomous model predictive control: A distillation column simulation study
M Annergren, D Kauven, CA Larsson, MG Potters, Q Tran, L Ozkan
IFAC Proceedings Volumes 46 (32), 713-720, 2013
MOOSE2: Model Based Optimal Input Design Toolbox for MATLAB (Version 2): User’s Guide
M Annergren, CA Larsson
Online. https://www. kth. se/polopoly_fs/1.643297, 2016
Moose: Model based optimal input signal design toolbox for matlab
C Larsson, M Annergren
Technical report, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), 2011
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