Israr Ali Khan
Israr Ali Khan
Namal University Mianwali, Pakistan
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Citat de
A mathematical model for bioconvection flow of Williamson nanofluid over a stretching cylinder featuring variable thermal conductivity, activation energy and second-order slip
Z Abdelmalek, SU Khan, H Waqas, A Riaz, IA Khan, I Tlili
Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry 144, 205-217, 2021
Interval-valued fuzzy ideals generated by an interval-valued fuzzy subset in ordered semigroups
M Shabir, AK Israr
Mathware & Soft Computing 15 (3), 263-272, 2008
Primary user traffic pattern based opportunistic spectrum handoff in cognitive radio networks
K Arshid, I Hussain, MK Bashir, S Naseem, A Ditta, NA Mian, M Zahid, ...
Applied Sciences 10 (5), 1674, 2020
Swimming of micro-organism over an oscillatory stretched surface filled with a magnetic third-grade nanofluid: an application of activation energy
SU Khan, MM Bhatti, S Qaisar, IA Khan
Chinese Journal of Physics 65, 64-74, 2020
The Drazin inverse in an arbitrary semiring
IA Khan, QW Wang
Linear and Multilinear Algebra 59 (9), 1019-1029, 2011
Minimal ranks of some quaternion matrix expressions with applications
IA Khan, QW Wang, GJ Song
Applied Mathematics and Computation 217 (5), 2031-2040, 2010
On matrices over an arbitrary semiring and their generalized inverses
FO Farid, IA Khan, QW Wang
Linear Algebra and its Applications 439 (7), 2085-2105, 2013
Improved bidirectional exact pattern matching
I Hussain, SZ Hassan Kazmi, I Ali Khan, R Mehmood
An organizational-based model and agent-based simulation for co-traveling at an aggregate level
I Hussain, MA Khan, SFA Baqueri, SAR Shah, MK Bashir, MM Khan, ...
Applied Sciences 7 (12), 1221, 2017
Matrix equations over an arbitrary regular ring
IA Khan, QW Wang
Hangzhou, China: Preceedings of the third international work-shop on matrix …, 2009
Existence results for ABC-fractional BVP via new fixed point results of F-Lipschitzian mappings
N Mehmood, IA Khan, MA Nawaz, N Ahmad
Demonstratio Mathematica 55 (1), 452-469, 2022
Solvability Conditions and General Solution of a System of Matrix Equations Involving η-Skew-Hermitian Quaternion Matrices
A Rehman, IA Khan, R Anjum, I Hussain
Symmetry 13 (10), 1825, 2021
Fixed Point and Common Fixed Point Results of DF-Contractions via Measure of Non-compactness with Applications
A Ullah, IA Khan, N Mehmood
Communications in Mathematics and Applications 9 (1), 53-62, 2018
Closed-form formula for a classical system of matrix equations
A Rehman, II Kyrchei, I Ali Khan, M Nasir, I Ali
Arab Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences 29 (1), 258-268, 2022
Knaster-Kuratowski-Mazurkiewicz Theorem in Generalized Metric Spaces with Applications
N Mehmood, IA Khan, H Latif, N Ahmad
Journal of Function Spaces 2021, 1-8, 2021
On generalized inverses of regular elements in an arbitrary semiring
IA Khan, QW Wang
Journal of Shanghai Normal University (Natural Sciences) 47 (3), 268-274, 2018
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