Feng Li (李锋)
Feng Li (李锋)
Beijing Institute of Technology (北京理工大学)
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On-chip valley topological materials for elastic wave manipulation
M Yan, J Lu, F Li, W Deng, X Huang, J Ma, Z Liu
Nature Materials 17 (11), 993-998, 2018
Weyl points and Fermi arcs in a chiral phononic crystal
F Li, X Huang, J Lu, J Ma, Z Liu
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Valley topological phases in bilayer sonic crystals
J Lu, C Qiu, W Deng, X Huang, F Li, F Zhang, S Chen, Z Liu
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Granular acoustic switches and logic elements
F Li, P Anzel, J Yang, PG Kevrekidis, C Daraio
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Observation of a phononic higher-order Weyl semimetal
L Luo, HX Wang, ZK Lin, B Jiang, Y Wu, F Li, JH Jiang
Nature Materials 20 (6), 794-799, 2021
Experimental observation of non-Abelian topological acoustic semimetals and their phase transitions
B Jiang, A Bouhon, ZK Lin, X Zhou, B Hou, F Li, RJ Slager, JH Jiang
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Highly nonlinear wave propagation in elastic woodpile periodic structures
E Kim, F Li, C Chong, G Theocharis, J Yang, PG Kevrekidis
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Nodal rings and drumhead surface states in phononic crystals
W Deng, J Lu, F Li, X Huang, M Yan, J Ma, Z Liu
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Damped-driven granular chains: An ideal playground for dark breathers and multibreathers
C Chong, F Li, J Yang, MO Williams, IG Kevrekidis, PG Kevrekidis, ...
Physical Review E 89 (3), 032924, 2014
Topological Wannier cycles induced by sub-unit-cell artificial gauge flux in a sonic crystal
ZK Lin, Y Wu, B Jiang, Y Liu, SQ Wu, F Li, JH Jiang
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On-chip higher-order topological micromechanical metamaterials
Y Wu, M Yan, ZK Lin, HX Wang, F Li, JH Jiang
Science Bulletin 66 (19), 1959-1966, 2021
Acoustic spin-Chern insulator induced by synthetic spin–orbit coupling with spin conservation breaking
W Deng, X Huang, J Lu, V Peri, F Li, SD Huber, Z Liu
Nature communications 11 (1), 3227, 2020
Negative refraction and partition in acoustic valley materials of a square lattice
Z Zhu, X Huang, J Lu, M Yan, F Li, W Deng, Z Liu
Physical Review Applied 12 (2), 024007, 2019
Visualization of solitary waves via laser Doppler vibrometry for heavy impurity identification in a granular chain
F Li, L Zhao, Z Tian, L Yu, J Yang
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Observation of corner states in second-order topological electric circuits
J Wu, X Huang, J Lu, Y Wu, W Deng, F Li, Z Liu
Physical Review B 102 (10), 104109, 2020
Acoustic tweezers and motor for living cells
R Zhang, H Guo, W Deng, X Huang, F Li, J Lu, Z Liu
Applied Physics Letters 116 (12), 2020
Sensitivity of a Lamb wave sensor with 2 μm AlN membrane
R Duhamel, L Robert, H Jia, F Li, F Lardet-Vieudrin, JF Manceau, ...
Ultrasonics 44, e893-e897, 2006
Tunable phononic crystals based on cylindrical Hertzian contact
F Li, D Ngo, J Yang, C Daraio
Applied Physics Letters 101 (17), 2012
Ideal type-II Weyl phase and topological transition in phononic crystals
X Huang, W Deng, F Li, J Lu, Z Liu
Physical Review Letters 124 (20), 206802, 2020
Wave transmission in time-and space-variant helicoidal phononic crystals
F Li, C Chong, J Yang, PG Kevrekidis, C Daraio
Physical Review E 90 (5), 053201, 2014
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