Lahouel Mesbah
Lahouel Mesbah
Professeur Toxicologie, université de jijel
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Biological properties of propolis extracts: Something new from an ancient product
N Zabaiou, A Fouache, A Trousson, S Baron, A Zellagui, M Lahouel, ...
Chemistry and physics of lipids 207, 214-222, 2017
Cardioprotective effects and mechanism of action of polyphenols extracted from propolis against doxorubicin toxicity.
M Alyane, LBW Kebsa, HN Boussenane, H Rouibah, M Lahouel
Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 21 (3), 2008
Protective effect of flavonoides against the toxicity of vinblastine, cyclophosphamide and paracetamol by inhibition of lipid-peroxydation and increase of liver glutathion
M Lahouel, S Boulkour, N Segueni, JP Fillastre
Haema 1 (7), 59-67, 2004
Evaluation of epirubicin-induced acute oxidative stress toxicity in rat liver cells and mitochondria, and the prevention of toxicity through quercetin administration
M Kebieche, Z Lakroun, M Lahouel, J Bouayed, Z Meraihi, R Soulimani
Experimental and Toxicologic Pathology 61 (2), 161-167, 2009
Polyphenolic fraction of Algerian propolis protects rat kidney against acute oxidative stress induced by doxorubicin
K Boutabet, W Kebsa, M Alyane, M Lahouel
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Efficiency of propolis extract against mitochondrial stress induced by antineoplasic agents (doxorubicin and vinblastin) in rats
L Benguedouar, HN Boussenane, W Kebsa, M Alyane, H Rouibah, ...
CSIR, 2008
Remote loading of doxorubicin into liposomes by transmembrane pH gradient to reduce toxicity toward H9c2 cells
M Alyane, G Barratt, M Lahouel
Saudi Pharmaceutical Journal 24 (2), 165-175, 2016
The flavonoids effect against vinblastine, cyclophosphamide and paracetamol toxicity by inhibition of lipid-peroxydation and increasing liver glutathione concentration
M Lahouel, S Boulkour, N Segueni, JP Fillastre
Pathologie-biologie 52 (6), 314-322, 2004
Protective effects of probiotic Lactobacillus plantarum BJ0021 on liver and kidney oxidative stress and apoptosis induced by endosulfan in pregnant rats
L Bouhafs, EN Moudilou, JM Exbrayat, M Lahouel, T Idoui
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Polyphenolic fraction of Algerian propolis reverses doxorubicin induced oxidative stress in liver cells and mitochondria
K Wided, R Hassiba, L Mesbah
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Flavonoids from Algerian propolis
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Chemical composition, antioxidant, anticholinesterase, antimicrobial and antibiofilm activities of essential oil and methanolic extract of Anthemis stiparum subsp. sabulicola …
AE Chemsa, A Zellagui, M Öztürk, E Erol, O Ceylan, ME Duru, M Lahouel
Microbial pathogenesis 119, 233-240, 2018
Ferulenol specifically inhibits succinate ubiquinone reductase at the level of the ubiquinone cycle
M Lahouel, R Zini, A Zellagui, S Rhouati, PA Carrupt, D Morin
Biochemical and biophysical research communications 355 (1), 252-257, 2007
Chemical constituents and antimicrobial activity of essential oils of Ammodaucus leucotricus
N Gherraf, A Zellagui, A Kabouche, M Lahouel, R Salhi, S Rhouati
Arabian Journal of Chemistry, 2013
The interaction of new plant flavonoids with rat liver mitochondria: relation between the anti-and pro-oxydant effect and flavonoids concentration
M Lahouel, S Amedah, A Zellagui, A Touil, S Rhouati, F Benyache, ...
Therapies 61 (4), 347-355, 2006
Effet protecteur des flavonoïdes contre la toxicité de la vinblastine, du cyclophosphamide et du paracétamol par inhibition de la peroxydation lipidique et augmentation du …
M Lahouel, S Boulkour, N Segueni, JP Fillastre
Pathologie Biologie 52 (6), 314-322, 2004
Polyphenolic fractions of Algerian propolis reverses doxorubicin induced acute renal oxidative stress
M Lahouel, K Boutabet, W Kebsa, M Alyane
Afr J Pharm Pharmacol 4 (10), 712-720, 2010
Inhibition of stromelysin-1 by caffeic acid derivatives from a propolis sample from Algeria
N Segueni, AA Magid, M Decarme, S Rhouati, M Lahouel, F Antonicelli, ...
Planta medica 77 (10), 999-1004, 2011
Dual effect of Algerian propolis on lung cancer: Antitumor and chemopreventive effects involving antioxidant activity
H Brihoum, M Maiza, H Sahali, M Boulmeltout, G Barratt, L Benguedouar, ...
Brazilian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 54 (01), e17396, 2018
Oxidative stress in benign prostate hyperplasia
N Zabaiou, D Mabed, JM Lobaccaro, M Lahouel
Andrologia 48 (1), 69-73, 2016
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