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Perceived trustworthiness of faces drives trust behaviour in children
L Ewing, F Caulfield, A Read, G Rhodes
Developmental science 18 (2), 327-334, 2015
Race coding and the other-race effect in face recognition
G Rhodes, V Locke, L Ewing, E Evangelista
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Contact and other‐race effects in configural and component processing of faces
G Rhodes, L Ewing, WG Hayward, D Maurer, CJ Mondloch, JW Tanaka
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Have you got the look? Gaze direction affects judgements of facial attractiveness
L Ewing, G Rhodes, E Pellicano
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How well do computer-generated faces tap face expertise?
K Crookes, L Ewing, J Gildenhuys, N Kloth, WG Hayward, M Oxner, ...
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Using effort to measure reward value of faces in children with autism
L Ewing, E Pellicano, G Rhodes
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Autistic traits are linked to reduced adaptive coding of face identity and selectively poorer face recognition in men but not women
G Rhodes, L Jeffery, L Taylor, L Ewing
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Adaptive face coding and discrimination around the average face
G Rhodes, LT Maloney, J Turner, L Ewing
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Judging trustworthiness from faces: Emotion cues modulate trustworthiness judgments in young children
F Caulfield, L Ewing, S Bank, G Rhodes
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Enhanced attention amplifies face adaptation
G Rhodes, L Jeffery, E Evangelista, L Ewing, M Peters, L Taylor
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Does perceived race affect discrimination and recognition of ambiguous-race faces? A test of the sociocognitive hypothesis.
G Rhodes, HC Lie, L Ewing, E Evangelista, JW Tanaka
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Appearance-based trust behaviour is reduced in children with autism spectrum disorder
L Ewing, F Caulfield, A Read, G Rhodes
Autism 19 (8), 1002-1009, 2015
Atypical updating of face representations with experience in children with autism
L Ewing, E Pellicano, G Rhodes
Developmental Science 16 (1), 116-123, 2013
Individual differences in adaptive coding of face identity are linked to individual differences in face recognition ability.
G Rhodes, L Jeffery, L Taylor, WG Hayward, L Ewing
Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance 40 (3), 897, 2014
How distinct is the coding of face identity and expression? Evidence for some common dimensions in face space
G Rhodes, S Pond, N Burton, N Kloth, L Jeffery, J Bell, L Ewing, AJ Calder, ...
Cognition 142, 123-137, 2015
The Cambridge Face Memory Test for Children (CFMT-C): A new tool for measuring face recognition skills in childhood
A Croydon, H Pimperton, L Ewing, BC Duchaine, E Pellicano
Neuropsychologia 62, 60-67, 2014
Facial trustworthiness judgments in children with ASD are modulated by happy and angry emotional cues
F Caulfield, L Ewing, N Burton, E Avard, G Rhodes
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Reduced set averaging of face identity in children and adolescents with autism
G Rhodes, MF Neumann, L Ewing, R Palermo
Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology 68 (7), 1391-1403, 2015
Children show adult-like facial appearance biases when trusting others.
L Ewing, CAM Sutherland, ML Willis
Developmental Psychology 55 (8), 1694, 2019
Reduced face aftereffects in autism are not due to poor attention
L Ewing, K Leach, E Pellicano, L Jeffery, G Rhodes
PloS one 8 (11), e81353, 2013
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