Salvatore Maria Aglioti
Salvatore Maria Aglioti
Professor of Cognitive and Social neuroscience, Department of Psychology, Sapienza University of
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Size-contrast illusions deceive the eye but not the hand
S Aglioti, JFX DeSouza, MA Goodale
Current biology 5 (6), 679-685, 1995
Action anticipation and motor resonance in elite basketball players
SM Aglioti, P Cesari, M Romani, C Urgesi
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Putting yourself in the skin of a black avatar reduces implicit racial bias
TC Peck, S Seinfeld, SM Aglioti, M Slater
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A Avenanti, D Bueti, G Galati, SM Aglioti
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The body in the brain: neural bases of corporeal awareness
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Racial bias reduces empathic sensorimotor resonance with other-race pain
A Avenanti, A Sirigu, SM Aglioti
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The body in the brain revisited
G Berlucchi, SM Aglioti
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Mapping implied body actions in the human motor system
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Representation of body identity and body actions in extrastriate body area and ventral premotor cortex
C Urgesi, M Candidi, S Ionta, SM Aglioti
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Their pain is not our pain: brain and autonomic correlates of empathic resonance with the pain of same and different race individuals
RT Azevedo, E Macaluso, A Avenanti, V Santangelo, V Cazzato, ...
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A Avenanti, IM Paluello, I Bufalari, SM Aglioti
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My face in yours: Visuo-tactile facial stimulation influences sense of identity
A Sforza, I Bufalari, P Haggard, SM Aglioti
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Visually induced analgesia: seeing the body reduces pain
MR Longo, V Betti, SM Aglioti, P Haggard
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Pathological switching between languages after frontal lesions in a bilingual patient
F Fabbro, M Skrap, S Aglioti
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Neural underpinnings of gesture discrimination in patients with limb apraxia
M Pazzaglia, N Smania, E Corato, SM Aglioti
Journal of Neuroscience 28 (12), 3030-3041, 2008
Redundant target effect and intersensory facilitation from visual-tactile interactions in simple reaction time
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Experimental brain research 143, 480-487, 2002
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ED Abercrombie, A Abia, JR Absher, P Adret, A Aertsen, S Aglioti, S Ahn, ...
The spiritual brain: selective cortical lesions modulate human self-transcendence
C Urgesi, SM Aglioti, M Skrap, F Fabbro
Neuron 65 (3), 309-319, 2010
Somatic and motor components of action simulation
A Avenanti, N Bolognini, A Maravita, SM Aglioti
Current Biology 17 (24), 2129-2135, 2007
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