Nazbanou Nozari
Nazbanou Nozari
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Is comprehension necessary for error detection? A conflict-based account of monitoring in speech production
N Nozari, GS Dell, MF Schwartz
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More on lexical bias: How efficient can a “lexical editor” be?
N Nozari, GS Dell
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N Nozari, CR Hepner
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A critical review of the behavioral, neuroimaging, and electrophysiological studies of co-activation of representations during word production
N Nozari, S Pinet
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N Nozari, SL Thompson-Schill
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Integrity and function of gestures in aphasia
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How damaged brains repeat words: A computational approach
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Expression of motion events in Farsi
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Did I say dog or cat? A study of semantic error detection and correction in children
JR Hanley, C Cortis, MJ Budd, N Nozari
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N Nozari, JE Arnold, SL Thompson-Schill
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The dual origin of semantic errors in access deficit: activation vs. inhibition deficit
N Nozari
Cognitive Neuropsychology 36 (1-2), 31-53, 2019
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