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Susanta Kumar Nath
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Influence of iron making slags on strength and microstructure of fly ash geopolymer
SK Nath, S Kumar
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SK S.K. Nath, S. Maitra, S. Mukherjee
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SK Nath
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SK Nath
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SK Nath, S Kumar
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Reaction kinetics of fly ash geopolymerization: Role of particle size controlled by using ball mill
SK S. K. Nath
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Evaluation of the Suitability of Alternative Binder to Replace OPC for Iron Ore Slime Briquetting
SK Nath, Y Rajshekar, ATC Venugopalan T, K Sanjay
Transaction of the Indian Institute of Metals 70 (8), 2165-2174, 2017
Pereacted and precipitated spinels as additives in a low moisture castable. Part I
S Mukhopadhyay, I Chatterjee, R Mukherjee, SK Nath, S Sarkar, ...
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Thermo‐mechanical property enhancement of rigid polyurethane foam using silica and alumina as hybrid fillers over single filler
S Polimera, A Gali, SK Nath, A Rahaman, MR Chandan, SJ Balakumaran
Polymer Composites 44 (10), 6454-6466, 2023
Thermo‐mechanical property enhancement of rigid polyurethane foam composite using low cost, environment friendly fly ash over silica particles
S Polimera, A Gali, A Rahaman, MR Chandan, SJ Balakumaran, SK Nath
Journal of Vinyl and Additive Technology 30 (1), 156-171, 2024
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