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QSAR modeling: where have you been? Where are you going to?
A Cherkasov, EN Muratov, D Fourches, A Varnek, II Baskin, M Cronin, ...
Journal of medicinal chemistry 57 (12), 4977-5010, 2014
The value of antimicrobial peptides in the age of resistance
M Magana, M Pushpanathan, AL Santos, L Leanse, M Fernandez, ...
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QSAR without borders
EN Muratov, J Bajorath, RP Sheridan, IV Tetko, D Filimonov, V Poroikov, ...
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Online chemical modeling environment (OCHEM): web platform for data storage, model development and publishing of chemical information
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Rapid identification of potential inhibitors of SARS‐CoV‐2 main protease by deep docking of 1.3 billion compounds
AT Ton, F Gentile, M Hsing, F Ban, A Cherkasov
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Use of artificial intelligence in the design of small peptide antibiotics effective against a broad spectrum of highly antibiotic-resistant superbugs
A Cherkasov, K Hilpert, H Jenssen, CD Fjell, M Waldbrook, SC Mullaly, ...
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SimBoost: a read-across approach for predicting drug–target binding affinities using gradient boosting machines
T He, M Heidemeyer, F Ban, A Cherkasov, M Ester
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Combinatorial QSAR modeling of chemical toxicants tested against Tetrahymena pyriformis
H Zhu, A Tropsha, D Fourches, A Varnek, E Papa, P Gramatica, T Oberg, ...
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Identification of novel antibacterial peptides by chemoinformatics and machine learning
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AMPer: a database and an automated discovery tool for antimicrobial peptides
CD Fjell, REW Hancock, A Cherkasov
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Deep docking: a deep learning platform for augmentation of structure based drug discovery
F Gentile, V Agrawal, M Hsing, AT Ton, F Ban, U Norinder, ME Gleave, ...
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Applicability domains for classification problems: benchmarking of distance to models for Ames mutagenicity set
I Sushko, S Novotarskyi, R Körner, AK Pandey, A Cherkasov, J Li, ...
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Functional analysis of androgen receptor mutations that confer anti-androgen resistance identified in circulating cell-free DNA from prostate cancer patients
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Artificial intelligence–enabled virtual screening of ultra-large chemical libraries with deep docking
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Targeting the binding function 3 (BF3) site of the human androgen receptor through virtual screening.
NA Lack, P Axerio-Cilies, P Tavassoli, FQ Han, KH Chan, C Feau, ...
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Crystallographic structure of wild-type SARS-CoV-2 main protease acyl-enzyme intermediate with physiological C-terminal autoprocessing site
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A critical overview of computational approaches employed for COVID-19 drug discovery
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The transformational role of GPU computing and deep learning in drug discovery
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Therapeutic inhibition of Myc in cancer. Structural bases and computer-aided drug discovery approaches
LA Carabet, PS Rennie, A Cherkasov
International journal of molecular sciences 20 (1), 120, 2018
Discovery of small-molecule inhibitors selectively targeting the DNA-binding domain of the human androgen receptor
H Li, F Ban, K Dalal, E Leblanc, K Frewin, D Ma, H Adomat, PS Rennie, ...
Journal of medicinal chemistry 57 (15), 6458-6467, 2014
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