Professor Ir. Ts. Dr. Abd. Rahim Abu Talib
Professor Ir. Ts. Dr. Abd. Rahim Abu Talib
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Aerogels in aerospace: an overview
N Bheekhun, AR Abu Talib, MR Hassan
Advances in Materials Science and Engineering 2013 (Article ID 406065), 2013
Developing a hybrid, carbon/glass fiber-reinforced, epoxy composite automotive drive shaft
AR Abu Talib, A Ali, MA Badie, NAC Lah, AF Golestaneh
Materials & Design 31 (1), 514-521, 2010
High velocity impact response of Kevlar-29/epoxy and 6061-T6 aluminum laminated panels
AA Ramadhan, AR Abu Talib, AS Mohd Rafie, M Rizal, Zahari
Materials & Design 43, 307-321, 2013
The basics and issues of thermochromic liquid crystal calibrations
N Abdullah, AR Abu Talib, AA Jaafar, MAM Salleh, WT Chong
Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science 34 (8), 1089-1121, 2010
A review on the tensile properties of bamboo fiber reinforced polymer composites
AUM Shah, MTH Sultan, M Jawaid, F Cardona, AR Abu Talib
BioResources 11 (4), 10654-10676, 2016
Hybrid nanofluid flow and heat transfer over backward and forward steps: A review
S Salman, AR Abu Talib, S Saadon, MTH Sultan
Powder Technology 363, 448-472, 2020
Ballistic impact performance of Kevlar-29 and Al2O3 powder/epoxy targets under high velocity impact
AR Abu Talib, LH Abbud, A Ali, F Mustapha
Materials & Design 35, 12-19, 2012
A review of the effect of hydrogen addition on the performance and emissions of the compression–Ignition engine
HA Alrazen, AR Abu Talib, R Adnan, KA Ahmad
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 54, 785-796, 2016
Developing a composite based elliptic spring for automotive applications
AR Abu Talib, A Ali, G Goudah, NAC Lah, AF Golestaneh
Materials & Design 31 (1), 475-484, 2010
Effect of corrugated wall combined with backward-facing step channel on fluid flow and heat transfer
AK Hilo, AR Abu Talib, AA Iborra, MTH Sultan, MFA Hamid
Energy 190, 116294, 2020
Review of forced convection nanofluids through corrugated facing step
KA Mohammed, AR Abu Talib, AA Nuraini, KA Ahmed
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 75, 234-241, 2017
Sustainable aviation—Hydrogen is the future
T Yusaf, L Fernandes, AR Abu Talib, YSM Altarazi, W Alrefae, ...
Sustainability 14 (1), 548, 2022
A two-component CFD studies of the effects of H2, CNG, and diesel blend on combustion characteristics and emissions of a diesel engine
HA Alrazen, AR Abu Talib, KA Ahmad
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 41 (24), 10483-10495, 2016
RSM approach for modeling and optimization of designing parameters for inclined fins of solar air heater
BS Qader, EE Supeni, MKA Ariffin, AR Abu Talib
Renewable energy 136, 48-68, 2019
Effects of biofuel on engines performance and emission characteristics: A review
YSM Altarazi, AR Abu Talib, J Yu, E Gires, MFA Ghafir, J Lucas, T Yusaf
Energy 238, 121910, 2022
Influence of cut-out hole on multi-layer Kevlar-29/epoxy composite laminated plates
AR Abu Talib, AA Ramadhan, ASM Rafie, R Zahari
Materials & Design 43, 89-98, 2013
Thermal analysis of bamboo fibre and its composites
AUM Shah, MTH Sultan, F Cardona, M Jawaid, AR Abu Talib, N Yidris
BioResources 12 (2), 2394-2406, 2017
Mechanical properties of fibre-metal laminates made of natural/synthetic fibre composites
I Mohammed, AR Abu Talib, MTH Sultan, M Jawaid, AH Ariffin, S Saadon
BioResources 13 (1), 2022-2034, 2018
A novel liquid crystal image processing technique using multiple gas temperature steps to determine heat transfer coefficient distribution and adiabatic wall temperature
AR Abu Talib, AJ Neely, PT Ireland, AJ Mullender
Journal of Turbomachinery 126 (4), 587-596, 2004
Fatigue and impact properties of 3D printed PLA reinforced with kenaf particles
FS Shahar, MTH Sultan, SNA Safri, M Jawaid, AR Abu Talib, AA Basri, ...
Journal of Materials Research and Technology 16, 461-470, 2022
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