Hans Christian Steen-Larsen
Hans Christian Steen-Larsen
Laboratoire des Scieces du Climat et de l'Environnement
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Eemian interglacial reconstructed from a Greenland folded ice core
Nature 493 (7433), 489-494, 2013
Stable isotopes in atmospheric water vapor and applications to the hydrologic cycle
J Galewsky, HC Steen‐Larsen, RD Field, J Worden, C Risi, M Schneider
Reviews of Geophysics 54 (4), 809-865, 2016
Continuous monitoring of summer surface water vapor isotopic composition above the Greenland Ice Sheet
HC Steen-Larsen, SJ Johnsen, V Masson-Delmotte, B Stenni, C Risi, ...
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 13 (9), 4815-4828, 2013
Deuterium excess in marine water vapor: Dependency on relative humidity and surface wind speed during evaporation
M Benetti, G Reverdin, C Pierre, L Merlivat, C Risi, HC Steen‐Larsen, ...
Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 119 (2), 584-593, 2014
What controls the isotopic composition of Greenland surface snow?
HC Steen-Larsen, V Masson-Delmotte, M Hirabayashi, R Winkler, ...
Climate of the Past 10 (1), 377-392, 2014
Understanding the climatic signal in the water stable isotope records from the NEEM shallow firn/ice cores in northwest Greenland
HC Steen‐Larsen, V Masson‐Delmotte, J Sjolte, SJ Johnsen, BM Vinther, ...
Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 116 (D6), 2011
Collapsing glaciers threaten Asia’s water supplies
J Gao, T Yao, V Masson-Delmotte, HC Steen-Larsen, W Wang
Nature 565 (7737), 19-21, 2019
Climatic controls on water vapor deuterium excess in the marine boundary layer of the North Atlantic based on 500 days of in situ, continuous measurements
HC Steen-Larsen, AE Sveinbjörnsdottir, AJ Peters, V Masson-Delmotte, ...
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 14 (15), 7741-7756, 2014
The isotopic composition of water vapour and precipitation in Ivittuut, southern Greenland
JL Bonne, V Masson-Delmotte, O Cattani, M Delmotte, C Risi, ...
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 14 (9), 4419-4439, 2014
Ice‐vapor equilibrium fractionation factor of hydrogen and oxygen isotopes: Experimental investigations and implications for stable water isotope studies
MD Ellehoj, HC Steen‐Larsen, SJ Johnsen, MB Madsen
Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry 27 (19), 2149-2158, 2013
The summer 2012 Greenland heat wave: In situ and remote sensing observations of water vapor isotopic composition during an atmospheric river event
JL Bonne, HC Steen‐Larsen, C Risi, M Werner, H Sodemann, JL Lacour, ...
Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 120 (7), 2970-2989, 2015
Triple isotopic composition of oxygen in surface snow and water vapor at NEEM (Greenland)
A Landais, HC Steen-Larsen, M Guillevic, V Masson-Delmotte, B Vinther, ...
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 77, 304-316, 2012
Moisture sources and synoptic to seasonal variability of North Atlantic water vapor isotopic composition
HC Steen‐Larsen, AE Sveinbjörnsdottir, T Jonsson, F Ritter, JL Bonne, ...
Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 120 (12), 5757-5774, 2015
New MIS 19 EPICA Dome C high resolution deuterium data: Hints for a problematic preservation of climate variability at sub-millennial scale in the “oldest ice”
K Pol, V Masson-Delmotte, S Johnsen, M Bigler, O Cattani, G Durand, ...
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 298 (1-2), 95-103, 2010
The stability and calibration of water vapor isotope ratio measurements during long-term deployments
A Bailey, D Noone, M Berkelhammer, HC Steen-Larsen, P Sato
Atmospheric Measurement Techniques 8 (10), 4521-4538, 2015
Little Ice Age climate and oceanic conditions of the Ross Sea, Antarctica from a coastal ice core record
RH Rhodes, NAN Bertler, JA Baker, HC Steen-Larsen, SB Sneed, ...
Climate of the Past 8 (4), 1223-1238, 2012
Evaluating the skills of isotope‐enabled general circulation models against in situ atmospheric water vapor isotope observations
HC Steen‐Larsen, C Risi, M Werner, K Yoshimura, V Masson‐Delmotte
Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 122 (1), 246-263, 2017
Isotopic exchange on the diurnal scale between near-surface snow and lower atmospheric water vapor at Kohnen station, East Antarctica
F Ritter, HC Steen-Larsen, M Werner, V Masson-Delmotte, A Orsi, ...
The Cryosphere 10 (4), 1647-1663, 2016
Continuous measurements of isotopic composition of water vapour on the East Antarctic Plateau
M Casado, A Landais, V Masson-Delmotte, C Genthon, E Kerstel, S Kassi, ...
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 16 (13), 8521-8538, 2016
Retrieval of snow properties from the Sentinel-3 Ocean and Land Colour Instrument
A Kokhanovsky, M Lamare, O Danne, C Brockmann, M Dumont, G Picard, ...
Remote Sensing 11 (19), 2280, 2019
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