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A comprehensive review on pre-treatment strategy for lignocellulosic food industry waste: challenges and opportunities
R Ravindran, AK Jaiswal
Bioresource technology 199, 92-102, 2016
Exploitation of food industry waste for high-value products
R Ravindran, AK Jaiswal
Trends in biotechnology 34 (1), 58-69, 2016
A review on bioconversion of agro-industrial wastes to industrially important enzymes
R Ravindran, SS Hassan, GA Williams, AK Jaiswal
Bioengineering 5 (4), 93, 2018
A comparative analysis of pretreatment strategies on the properties and hydrolysis of brewers’ spent grain
R Ravindran, S Jaiswal, N Abu-Ghannam, AK Jaiswal
Bioresource technology 248, 272-279, 2018
Microbial enzyme production using lignocellulosic food industry wastes as feedstock: a review
R Ravindran, AK Jaiswal
Bioengineering 3 (4), 30, 2016
Wholesomeness and safety aspects of irradiated foods
R Ravindran, AK Jaiswal
Food chemistry 285, 363-368, 2019
Evaluation of ultrasound assisted potassium permanganate pre-treatment of spent coffee waste
R Ravindran, S Jaiswal, N Abu-Ghannam, AK Jaiswal
Bioresource technology 224, 680-687, 2017
Two-step sequential pretreatment for the enhanced enzymatic hydrolysis of coffee spent waste
R Ravindran, S Jaiswal, N Abu-Ghannam, AK Jaiswal
Bioresource Technology 239, 276-284, 2017
Bioethanol Production Involving Recombinant C. thermocellum Hydrolytic Hemicellulase and Fermentative Microbes
SP Das, R Ravindran, S Ahmed, D Das, D Goyal, CMGA Fontes, A Goyal
Applied biochemistry and biotechnology 167, 1475-1488, 2012
Molecular characteristics and antioxidant activity of laminarin extracted from the seaweed species Laminaria hyperborea, using hydrothermal-assisted extraction and a multi-step …
G Rajauria, R Ravindran, M Garcia-Vaquero, DK Rai, T Sweeney, ...
Food Hydrocolloids 112, 106332, 2021
Ferric chloride assisted plasma pretreatment of lignocellulose
R Ravindran, C Sarangapani, S Jaiswal, PJ Cullen, AK Jaiswal
Bioresource technology 243, 327-334, 2017
An evaluation of sonication pretreatment for enhancing saccharification of brewers' spent grain
SS Hassan, R Ravindran, S Jaiswal, BK Tiwari, GA Williams, AK Jaiswal
Waste Management 105, 240-247, 2020
Improving enzymatic hydrolysis of brewer spent grain with nonthermal plasma
R Ravindran, C Sarangapani, S Jaiswal, P Lu, PJ Cullen, P Bourke, ...
Bioresource technology 282, 520-524, 2019
Optimisation of organosolv pretreatment for the extraction of polyphenols from spent coffee waste and subsequent recovery of fermentable sugars
R Ravindran, C Desmond, S Jaiswal, AK Jaiswal
Bioresource Technology Reports 3, 7-14, 2018
Efficient pretreatment for bioethanol production from water hyacinth (eichhornia crassipes) involving naturally isolated and recombinant enzymes and its recovery
SP Das, R Ravindran, A Ghosh, D Deka, D Das, M Jawed, CMGA Fontes, ...
Environmental Progress & Sustainable Energy 33 (4), 1396-1404, 2014
Bioethanol production from leafy biomass of mango (Mangifera indica) involving naturally isolated and recombinant enzymes
SP Das, R Ravindran, D Deka, M Jawed, D Das, A Goyal
Preparative Biochemistry and Biotechnology 43 (7), 717-734, 2013
Evaluation of ultrasound, microwave, ultrasound–microwave, hydrothermal and high pressure assisted extraction technologies for the recovery of phytochemicals and antioxidants …
M Garcia-Vaquero, R Ravindran, O Walsh, J O’Doherty, AK Jaiswal, ...
Marine Drugs 19 (6), 309, 2021
Spent coffee waste as a potential media component for xylanase production and potential application in juice enrichment
R Ravindran, GA Williams, AK Jaiswal
Foods 8 (11), 585, 2019
Enzymes in bioconversion and food processing
R Ravindran, AK Jaiswal
Enzymes in Food Technology: Improvements and Innovations, 19-40, 2018
Evaluation of brewer's spent grain hydrolysate as a substrate for production of thermostable α-amylase by Bacillus stearothermophilus
R Ravindran, GA Williams, AK Jaiswal
Bioresource Technology Reports 5, 141-149, 2019
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