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Vicente Lorenzo
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Cationic photocured epoxy nanocomposites filled with different carbon fillers
M Martin-Gallego, M Hernández, V Lorenzo, R Verdejo, ...
Polymer 53 (9), 1831-1838, 2012
Effect of simulated mechanical recycling processes on the structure and properties of poly (lactic acid)
FR Beltrán, V Lorenzo, J Acosta, MU De La Orden, JM Urreaga
Journal of Environmental Management 216, 25-31, 2018
Development of biocompatible and fully bioabsorbable PLA/Mg films for tissue regeneration applications
A Ferrández-Montero, M Lieblich, JL González-Carrasco, R Benavente, ...
Acta biomaterialia 98, 114-124, 2019
Abrasion resistance in the Tumble test of sol–gel hybrid coatings for ophthalmic plastic lenses
JM Urreaga, MC Matıas, V Lorenzo, MU De la Orden
Materials Letters 45 (6), 293-297, 2000
Effect of different mechanical recycling processes on the hydrolytic degradation of poly (l-lactic acid)
FR Beltrán, V Lorenzo, MU De la Orden, J Martínez-Urreaga
Polymer Degradation and Stability 133, 339-348, 2016
Physical ageing of a PU-based shape memory polymer: Influence on their applicability to the development of medical devices
V Lorenzo, A Díaz-Lantada, P Lafont, H Lorenzo-Yustos, C Fonseca, ...
Materials & Design 30 (7), 2431-2434, 2009
Relationships between mechanical properties and microhardness of polyethylenes
V Lorenzo, JM Pereña, JMG Fatou
Die Angewandte Makromolekulare Chemie: Applied Macromolecular Chemistry and …, 1989
Photodegradation characterization and heterogeneity evaluation of the exposed and unexposed faces of stabilized and unstabilized LDPE films
MI Babaghayou, AHI Mourad, V Lorenzo, MU de la Orden, JM Urreaga, ...
Materials & Design 111, 279-290, 2016
Assessment of mechanical behavior of PLA composites reinforced with Mg micro-particles through depth-sensing indentations analysis
SC Cifuentes, E Frutos, R Benavente, V Lorenzo, JL González-Carrasco
Journal of the mechanical behavior of biomedical materials 65, 781-790, 2017
Gas permeability properties of decorated MCM-41/polyethylene hybrids prepared by in-situ polymerization
A Bento, JP Lourenço, A Fernandes, MR Ribeiro, J Arranz-Andrés, ...
Journal of membrane science 415, 702-711, 2012
On the relationship between modulus of elasticity and microhardness
G Zamfirova, V Lorenzo, R Benavente, JM Pereña
Journal of applied polymer science 88 (7), 1794-1798, 2003
Anisotropy evolution of low density polyethylene greenhouse covering films during their service life
MI Babaghayou, AHI Mourad, V Lorenzo, SF Chabira, M Sebaa
Polymer Testing 66, 146-154, 2018
Vector spherical harmonics and their application to classical electrodynamics
B Carrascal, GA Estevez, P Lee, V Lorenzo
European Journal of Physics 12 (4), 184, 1991
Vickers microhardness related to mechanical properties of polypropylene
V Lorenzo, JM Perena, JG Fatou
Journal of materials science letters 8 (12), 1455-1457, 1989
Influence of annealing on the thermal and viscoelastic behaviour of poly (triethylene glycol p, p′-dibenzoate)
R Benavente, JM Pereña, E Perez, A Bello, V Lorenzo
Polymer 35 (17), 3686-3690, 1994
Water-induced structural changes in poly (lactic acid) and PLLA-clay nanocomposites
FR Beltrán, MU De La Orden, V Lorenzo, E Pérez, ML Cerrada, ...
Polymer 107, 211-222, 2016
Microhardness and DSC measurements on liquid crystalline poly (diethylene glycolp, p′-bibenzoate) as a function of the ageing time
E Pérez, JM Perena, R Benavente, A Bello, V Lorenzo
Polymer Bulletin 29 (1), 233-237, 1992
Study of the effects of the reaction conditions on the modification of clays with polyelectrolytes and silanes
MU De la Orden, J Arranz, V Lorenzo, E Pérez, JM Urreaga
Journal of colloid and interface science 342 (1), 185-191, 2010
Hybrid materials based on polyethylene and MCM-41 microparticles functionalized with silanes: Catalytic aspects of in situ polymerization, crystalline features and mechanical …
ML Cerrada, A Bento, E Pérez, V Lorenzo, JP Lourenço, MR Ribeiro
Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 232, 86-96, 2016
Delayed elastic recovery of hardness indentations in polyethylene
V Lorenzo, JM Perena, JG Fatou, JA Mendez-Morales, JA Aznárez
Journal of materials science 23 (9), 3168-3172, 1988
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