Robert Saraiva Matos
Robert Saraiva Matos
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Superficial Characterization of Kefir Biofilms Associated with Açaí and Cupuaçu Extracts
RS Matos, GAC Lopes, NS Ferreira, EP Pinto, JCT Carvalho, ...
Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering 43 (7), 3371–3379, 2018
Advanced fractal analysis of nanoscale topography of Ag/DLC composite synthesized by RF-PECVD
Ș Țălu, S Abdolghaderi, EP Pinto, RS Matos, M Salerno
Surface Engineering 36 (7), 713-719, 2020
Stereometric characterization of kefir microbial films associated with Maytenus rigida extract
RS Matos, EP Pinto, GQ Ramos, MD da Fonseca de Albuquerque, ...
Microscopy Research and Technique, 2020
Stereometric and fractal analysis of sputtered Ag-Cu thin films
Ș Țălu, RS Matos, EP Pinto, S Rezaee, M Mardani
Surfaces and Interfaces 21, 100650, 2020
Advanced micromorphology study of microbial films grown on Kefir loaded with Açaí extract
RS Matos, GQ Ramos, HD da Fonseca Filho, ȘtefanȚălu
Micron, 102912, 2020
Evaluation of the nanoscale surface applied to biodegradable nanoparticles containing Allium sativum essential oil
LM de Oliveira, RS Matos, PH Campelo, EA Sanches, ...
Materials Letters 275, 128111, 2020
Influence of low and high glycerol concentrations on wettability and flexibility of chitosan biofilms
EP Pinto, WS Tavares, RS Matos, AM Ferreira, RP Menezes, ...
Química Nova 41 (10), 1109-1116, 2018
3D micromorphology evaluation of kefir microbial films loaded with extract of Amazon rainforest fruit Cupuaçu
RS Matos, BS Pinheiro, IS Souza, RRP de Castro, GQ Ramos, EP Pinto, ...
Micron 142, 102996, 2021
Surface microtexture and wettability analysis of quasi two-dimensional (Ti, Al) N thin films using fractal geometry
A Das, V Chawla, RS Matos, HD da Fonseca Filho, RP Yadav, Ș Țălu, ...
Surface and Coatings Technology 421, 127420, 2021
Analyzing the surface dynamics of titanium thin films using fractal and multifractal geometry
A Das, RP Yadav, V Chawla, S Kumar, Ș Țălu, EP Pinto, RS Matos
Materials Today Communications 27, 102385, 2021
Nanoscale stereometric evaluation of BiZn0.5Ti0.5O3 thin films grown by Rf magnetron sputtering
YR Barcelay, JAG Moreira, AJM Almeida, WR Brito, RS Matos, ...
Materials Letters, 2020
Lacunarity exponent and Moran index: A complementary methodology to analyze AFM images and its application to chitosan films
EP Pinto, MA Pires, RS Matos, RRM Zamora, RP Menezes, RS Araújo, ...
Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications 581, 126192, 2021
Advanced Microtexture Study of Anacardium occidentale L. Leaf Surface From the Amazon by Fractal Theory
GQ Ramos, RS Matos, HD da Fonseca Filho
Microscopy and Microanalysis, 2020
Study of the superficial distribution of microorganisms in kefir biofilms prepared with Cupuaçu juice
MAN Ferraro, EP Pinto, RS Matos
Journal of bioenergy and food science 7 (2), 2732019, 2020
Advanced microstructure, morphology and CO gas sensor properties of Cu/Ni bilayers at nanoscale
A Ghaderi, A Shafiekhani, S Solaymani, Ș Țălu, HD da Fonseca Filho, ...
Scientific Reports 12 (1), 12002, 2022
Micromorphology and microtexture evaluation of poly(o-ethoxyaniline) films using atomic force microscopy and fractal analysis
RM Ito, CC de Souza, AMD Gandarilla, LM de Oliveira, WR Brito, ...
Journal of Polymer Research 27, 1-13, 2020
Distribution of microorganisms on surface of Kefir biofilms associated with Açaí extract
AP Almeida, EP Pinto, PGP Santos, HDF Filho, RS Matos
Scientia Amazônia 8 (3), 10-18, 2019
Fractal-Stereometric Correlation of Nanoscale Spatial Patterns of GdMnO3 Thin Films Deposited by Spin Coating
Y Romaguera-Barcelay, Ș Țălu, RS Matos, RMPB Oliveira, JA Moreira, ...
Applied Sciences 11 (9), 3886, 2021
Effects of different complexing agents on the physical properties of ZnO nanoparticles
JB Bezerra, RS Matos, B Zucolotto, PP Pedra, NS Ferreira
Materials Science and Technology 32 (2), 231-239, 2019
Nanoscale 3D spatial analysis of zirconia disc surfaces subjected to different laser treatments
EP Pinto, RS Matos, MA Pires, LS Lima, Ș Țălu, HD da Fonseca Filho, ...
Fractal and Fractional 7 (2), 160, 2023
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