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The electricalvehicle simulator for charging station in mode 3 of IEC 61851-1 standard
M Rata, G Rata, C Filote, MS Raboaca, A Graur, C Afanasov, AR Felseghi
Energies 13 (1), 176, 2019
Towards an inclusive Parkinson's screening system
O Geman, S Sanei, I Chiuchisan, A Graur, A Procházka, O Vyčata
2014 18th International Conference on System Theory, Control and Computing …, 2014
Detecting and tracking multiple users in the proximity of interactive tabletops
CA Tănase, RD Vatavu, ȘG Pentiuc, A Graur
Advances in Electrical and Computer Engineering 8 (15), 61-64, 2008
Monitoring the Shopping Activities from the Supermarkets based on the Intelligent Basket by using the RFID Technology
C Hurjui, A Graur, CO Turcu
Elektronika ir Elektrotechnika 83 (3), 7-10, 2008
Two-factor authentication framework for private cloud
I Gordin, A Graur, A Potorac
2019 23rd international conference on system theory, control and computing …, 2019
Custom designed CPU architecture based on a hardware scheduler and independent pipeline registers-architecture description
E Dodiu, VG Gaitan, A Graur
2012 Proceedings of the 35th International Convention MIPRO, 859-864, 2012
Changes in the water temperature of rivers impacted by the urban heat island: Case study of Suceava city
AE Briciu, D Mihăilă, A Graur, DI Oprea, A Prisăcariu, PI Bistricean
Water 12 (5), 1343, 2020
NeuroParkinScreen—A health care system for neurological disorders screening and rehabilitation
I Chiuchisan, O Geman, I Chiuchisan, AC Iuresi, A Graur
2014 international conference and exposition on electrical and power …, 2014
Image enhancement methods approach using verilog hardware description language
I Chiuchisan, M Cerlinca, AD Potorac, A Graur
11th International Conference on Development and Application Systems, 144-148, 2012
Security Assessment of OpenStack cloud using outside and inside software tools
I Gordin, A Graur, A Potorac, D Balan
2018 International Conference on Development and Application Systems (DAS …, 2018
A New Formalism for Failure Diagnosis: Ant Colony Decision Petri Nets.
C Ciufudean, A Graur, C Filote, C Turcu
J. Softw. 2 (1), 39-46, 2007
Parkinson's disease screening tools using a fuzzy expert system
O Geman, CO Turcu, A Graur
Advances in Electrical and Computer Engineering 13 (1), 41-46, 2013
Parkinson’s disease assessment using fuzzy expert system and nonlinear dynamics
O Geman, CO Turcu, A Graur
Advances in Electrical and Computer Engineering 13 (1), 41-46, 2013
Finite state machine design and VHDL coding techniques
I Chiuchisan, AD Potorac, A Graur
Development and Application Systems, 75, 2010
Water quality index of suceava river in Suceava city metropolitan area
AE Briciu, A Graur, DI Oprea
Water 12 (8), 2111, 2020
Broad-band dielectric spectroscopy reveals peak values of conductivity and permittivity switching upon spin crossover
I Soroceanu, A Graur, E Coca, L Salmon, G Molnar, P Demont, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 10 (23), 7391-7396, 2019
Research on Security Weakness Using Penetration Testing in a Distributed Firewall
AD Tudosi, A Graur, DG Balan, AD Potorac
Sensors 23 (5), 2683, 2023
Design and implementation of a satellite communication ground station
A Done, AM Căilean, CE Leșanu, M Dimian, A Graur
2017 International Symposium on Signals, Circuits and Systems (ISSCS), 1-4, 2017
Influence of intermolecular interactions and size effect on LITH-FORC diagram in 1D spin crossover compounds
A Rotaru, A Graur, GM Rotaru, J Linares, Y Garcia
Journal of Optoelectronics and Advanced Materials 14 (5), 529, 2012
Hard-soft real-time performance evaluation of linux RTAI Based embedded systems
E Dodiu, A Graur, VG Gaitan
Elektronika Ir Elektrotechnika 104 (8), 51-56, 2010
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