Deepavali Bhagwat
Deepavali Bhagwat
Research Staff Member, IBM
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Sparse indexing: Large scale, inline deduplication using sampling and locality.
M Lillibridge, K Eshghi, D Bhagwat, V Deolalikar, G Trezis, P Camble
Fast 9, 111-123, 2009
Extreme binning: Scalable, parallel deduplication for chunk-based file backup
D Bhagwat, K Eshghi, DDE Long, M Lillibridge
2009 IEEE International Symposium on Modeling, Analysis & Simulation of …, 2009
An annotation management system for relational databases
D Bhagwat, L Chiticariu, WC Tan, G Vijayvargiya
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A cooperative internet backup scheme
M Lillibridge, S Elnikety, A Birrell, M Burrows, M Isard
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Improving restore speed for backup systems that use inline {Chunk-Based} deduplication
M Lillibridge, K Eshghi, D Bhagwat
11th USENIX Conference on File and Storage Technologies (FAST 13), 183-197, 2013
Providing high reliability in a minimum redundancy archival storage system
D Bhagwat, K Pollack, DDE Long, T Schwarz, EL Miller, JF Pâris
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Storing chunks in containers
MD Lillibridge, DM Bhagwat, PT Camble, G Trezise
US Patent 8,782,368, 2014
Improving reproducibility of data science pipelines through transparent provenance capture
L Rupprecht, JC Davis, C Arnold, Y Gur, D Bhagwat
Proceedings of the VLDB Endowment 13 (12), 3354-3368, 2020
Content-based document routing and index partitioning for scalable similarity-based searches in a large corpus
D Bhagwat, K Eshghi, P Mehra
Proceedings of the 13th ACM SIGKDD international conference on Knowledge …, 2007
Searching a file system using inferred semantic links
D Bhagwat, N Polyzotis
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Copying a differential data store into temporary storage media in response to a request
MD Lillibridge, K Eshghi, DM Bhagwat, V Deolalikar
US Patent 9,141,621, 2015
A practical implementation of clustered fault tolerant write acceleration in a virtualized environment
D Bhagwat, M Patil, M Ostrowski, M Vilayannur, W Jung, C Kumar
13th USENIX Conference on File and Storage Technologies (FAST 15), 287-300, 2015
Custom metadata extraction across a heterogeneous storage system environment
D Bhagwat, N Bhosale, D Joseph, J Hewitt, D Hildebrand, W Sawdon
US Patent 10,885,007, 2021
Storage resource utilization analytics in a heterogeneous storage system environment using metadata tags
D Bhagwat, N Bhosale, D Joseph, J Hewitt, FN Lee, W Sawdon
US Patent 11,487,730, 2022
Providing differential privacy in an untrusted environment
D Skourtis, DM Bhagwat
US Patent 11,341,281, 2022
Improved deduplication through parallel binning
Z Zhang, D Bhagwat, W Litwin, D Long, SJT Schwarz
2012 IEEE 31st International Performance Computing and Communications …, 2012
Selecting a store for deduplicated data
K Chandrasekharan, PT Camble, A Todd, S Pelly, DM Bhagwat
US Patent 10,496,490, 2019
{CNSBench}: A cloud native storage benchmark
A Merenstein, V Tarasov, A Anwar, D Bhagwat, J Lee, L Rupprecht, ...
19th USENIX Conference on File and Storage Technologies (FAST 21), 263-276, 2021
Providing unique inodes across multiple file system namespaces
DM Bhagwat, M Eshel, D Hildebrand, WA Sawdon, FB Schmuck
US Patent 10,649,955, 2020
Rebuilding the namespace in a hierarchical union mounted file system
DM Bhagwat, M Eshel, D Hildebrand, MP Naik, WA Sawdon, FB Schmuck, ...
US Patent App. 15/397,601, 2018
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