Bashir Al Hussein Al Awamlh
Bashir Al Hussein Al Awamlh
Alte numeBashir Al Awamlh, BAH Al Awamlh
Vanderbilt University Medical Center
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Recurrence patterns after open and robot-assisted radical cystectomy for bladder cancer
DP Nguyen, BAH Al Awamlh, X Wu, P O’Malley, IM Inoyatov, ...
European urology 68 (3), 399-405, 2015
Concordance between biopsy and radical prostatectomy pathology in the era of targeted biopsy: a systematic review and meta-analysis
S Goel, JE Shoag, MD Gross, BAH Al Awamlh, B Robinson, F Khani, ...
European urology oncology 3 (1), 10-20, 2020
Trends in the utilization of penile prostheses in the treatment of erectile dysfunction in the United States
DJ Lee, BB Najari, WL Davison, BAH Al Awamlh, F Zhao, DA Paduch, ...
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Trends in mesh use for pelvic organ prolapse repair from the Medicare database
LC Wang, BAH Al Awamlh, JC Hu, MA Laudano, WL Davison, ...
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Factors impacting the occurrence of local, distant and atypical recurrences after robot-assisted radical cystectomy: a detailed analysis of 310 patients
DP Nguyen, BAH Al Awamlh, P O’Malley, F Khan, PJE Lewicki, ...
The Journal of urology 196 (5), 1390-1396, 2016
Is continent cutaneous urinary diversion a suitable alternative to orthotopic bladder substitute and ileal conduit after cystectomy?
B Al Hussein Al Awamlh, LC Wang, DP Nguyen, M Rieken, RK Lee, ...
BJU international 116 (5), 805-814, 2015
Magnetic resonance imaging radiomics‐based machine learning prediction of clinically significant prostate cancer in equivocal PI‐RADS 3 lesions
SJ Hectors, C Chen, J Chen, J Wang, S Gordon, M Yu, ...
Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging 54 (5), 1466-1473, 2021
Combining smoking information and molecular markers improves prognostication in patients with urothelial carcinoma of the bladder
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Urologic Oncology: Seminars and Original Investigations 32 (4), 433-440, 2014
Assessment of the quality-of-life and functional outcomes in patients undergoing cystectomy and urinary diversion for the management of radiation-induced refractory benign disease
BAH Al Awamlh, DJ Lee, DP Nguyen, DA Green, SF Shariat, DS Scherr
Urology 85 (2), 394-401, 2015
Validation of lymphovascular invasion is an independent prognostic factor for biochemical recurrence after radical prostatectomy
H Fajkovic, R Mathieu, I Lucca, M Hiess, N Hübner, BAH Al Awamlh, ...
Urologic Oncology: Seminars and Original Investigations 34 (5), 233. e1-233. e6, 2016
A cost-effectiveness analysis of management of low-risk non–muscle-invasive bladder cancer using office-based fulguration
BAH Al Awamlh, R Lee, B Chughtai, SM Donat, JS Sandhu, HW Herr
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The impact of socioeconomic status on perioperative complications and oncologic outcomes in patients undergoing radical cystectomy
DM Golombos, P O’Malley, P Lewicki, DP Nguyen, BV Stone, ...
World journal of urology 35, 1063-1071, 2017
Multicenter analysis of clinical and MRI characteristics associated with detecting clinically significant prostate cancer in PI-RADS (v2. 0) category 3 lesions
BAH Al Awamlh, LS Marks, GA Sonn, S Natarajan, RE Fan, MD Gross, ...
Urologic Oncology: Seminars and Original Investigations 38 (7), 637. e9-637. e15, 2020
Postoperative complications and short-term oncological outcomes of patients aged≥ 80 years undergoing robot-assisted radical cystectomy
DP Nguyen, BAHA Awamlh, E Charles Osterberg, J Chrystal, T Flynn, ...
World journal of urology 33, 1315-1321, 2015
Association of perioperative blood transfusion with oncologic outcomes after radical nephroureterectomy for upper tract urothelial carcinoma
M Rieken, T Schubert, E Xylinas, L Kluth, M Rouprêt, QD Trinh, RK Lee, ...
European Journal of Surgical Oncology (EJSO) 40 (12), 1693-1699, 2014
Racial variation in the utility of urinary biomarkers PCA3 and T2ERG in a large multicenter study
PG O’Malley, DP Nguyen, B Al Hussein Al Awamlh, G Wu, IM Thompson, ...
The Journal of urology 198 (1), 42-49, 2017
Tissue-based biomarkers for the risk stratification of men with clinically localized prostate cancer
SP Basourakos, M Tzeng, PJ Lewicki, K Patel, B Al Hussein Al Awamlh, ...
Frontiers in Oncology 11, 676716, 2021
Active surveillance for black men with low-risk prostate cancer in the United States
B Al Hussein Al Awamlh, X Ma, P Christos, JC Hu, JE Shoag
New England Journal of Medicine 381 (26), 2581-2582, 2019
Validation of risk factors for recurrence of renal cell carcinoma: Results from a large single-institution series
JC van der Mijn, B Al Hussein Al Awamlh, A Islam Khan, ...
PloS one 14 (12), e0226285, 2019
Association of aromatase with bladder cancer stage and long-term survival: New insights into the hormonal paradigm in bladder cancer
DP Nguyen, P O'Malley, BAH Al Awamlh, MA Furrer, NP Mongan, ...
Clinical genitourinary cancer 15 (2), 256-262. e1, 2017
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