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Human hepatic Hepa RG cells maintain an organotypic phenotype with high intrinsic CYP 450 activity/metabolism and significantly outperform standard HepG2/C3A cells for …
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Safety and efficacy of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce ileus after colorectal surgery
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Development of an invasively monitored porcine model of acetaminophen-induced acute liver failure
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The calcium‐binding domain of the stress protein SEP53 is required for survival in response to deoxycholic acid‐mediated injury
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Next-generation sequencing of bile cell-free DNA for the early detection of patients with malignant biliary strictures
M Arechederra, M Rullán, I Amat, D Oyon, L Zabalza, M Elizalde, ...
Gut 71 (6), 1141-1151, 2022
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