Ryu Uemura
Ryu Uemura
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Northern Hemisphere forcing of climatic cycles in Antarctica over the past 360,000 years
K Kawamura, F Parrenin, L Lisiecki, R Uemura, F Vimeux, ...
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A Review of Antarctic Surface Snow Isotopic Composition: Observations, Atmospheric Circulation, and Isotopic Modeling*
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A global multiproxy database for temperature reconstructions of the Common Era
PAGES2k Consortium
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Process-evaluation of tropical and subtropical tropospheric humidity simulated by general circulation models using water vapor isotopic observations. Part 2: An isotopic …
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Abrupt ice-age shifts in southern westerly winds and Antarctic climate forced from the north
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Dome Fuji Ice Core Project Members:, K Kawamura, A Abe-Ouchi, ...
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High net accumulation rates at Campo deHielo Patagόnico Sur, South America, revealed by analysis of a 45.97 m long ice core
T Shiraiwa, S Kohshima, R Uemura, N Yoshida, S Matoba, J Uetake, ...
Annals of Glaciology 35, 84-90, 2002
Direct linking of Greenland and Antarctic ice cores at the Toba eruption (74 ka BP)
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Acquisition of isotopic composition for surface snow in East Antarctica and the links to climatic parameters
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Asynchrony between Antarctic temperature and CO2 associated with obliquity over the past 720,000 years
R Uemura, H Motoyama, V Masson-Delmotte, J Jouzel, K Kawamura, ...
Nature communications 9 (1), 961, 2018
Botanical and geographical origin identification of industrial ethanol by stable isotope analyses of C, H, and O
K Ishida-Fujii, S Goto, R Uemura, K Yamada, M Sato, N Yoshida
Bioscience, biotechnology, and biochemistry 69 (11), 2193-2199, 2005
An observation-based method for reconstructing ocean surface changes using a 340,000-year deuterium excess record from the Dome Fuji ice core, Antarctica
R Uemura, N Yoshida, N Kurita, M Nakawo, O Watanabe
Geophysical research letters 31 (13), L13216, 2004
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