Wanshi Chen
Wanshi Chen
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Citat de
Dynamic voice over data prioritization for wireless communication networks
R Vannithamby, LL Duan, R Shahidi, W Chen, S Madan
US Patent 7,773,502, 2010
Relaying operation in 3GPP LTE: challenges and solutions
C Hoymann, W Chen, J Montojo, A Golitschek, C Koutsimanis, X Shen
IEEE Communications Magazine 50 (2), 156-162, 2012
Sounding reference signal for coordinated multi-point operation
AY Gorokhov, J Montojo, W Chen
US Patent 8,938,247, 2015
5G ultra-reliable and low-latency systems design
CP Li, J Jiang, W Chen, T Ji, J Smee
2017 European Conference on Networks and Communications (EuCNC), 1-5, 2017
Scrambling sequence initialization for coordinated multi-point transmissions
J Montojo, T Luo, W Chen
US Patent 8,923,905, 2014
PDCCH search space design for LTE-A multi-carrier operation
W Chen, P Gaal, J Montojo
US Patent 8,989,208, 2015
Reduced channel quality feedback
R Vannithamby, SH Tsai, W Chen
US Patent App. 11/079,159, 2005
Multiple carrier indication and downlink control information interaction
W Chen, T Luo, AD Khandekar, J Montojo, P Gaal, JM Damnjanovic
US Patent 9,351,293, 2016
Control information signaling
W Chen, AD Khandekar, JM Damnjanovic, J Montojo, N Bhushan
US Patent 8,433,251, 2013
Sounding reference signal transmission in carrier aggregation
YH Heo, MH Fong, ME Buckley, M Earnshaw, Z Cai
US Patent 9,258,092, 2016
Reference signal reception and channel state information determination for multiple nodes in a wireless communication network
K Bhattad, W Chen, P Gaal, J Montojo
US Patent 8,681,651, 2014
Uplink resource allocation for LTE advanced
W Chen, P Gaal, AD Khandekar, J Montojo, N Bhushan
US Patent 9,055,576, 2015
Techniques for selecting subframe type or for interleaving signals for wireless communications over unlicensed spectrum
N Bhushan, DP Malladi, Y Wei, P Gaal, T Luo, JI Tingfang, GB Horn, ...
US Patent 9,565,593, 2017
Channel feedback based on reference signal
W Chen, K Bhattad, P Gaal, AY Gorokhov, J Montojo
US Patent 8,599,708, 2013
Support of multiple timing advance groups for user equipment in carrier aggregation in LTE
W Chen, P Gaal, M Kitazoe, JM Damnjanovic, J Montojo, H Xu
US Patent 9,204,411, 2015
Aperiodic sounding reference signal transmission method and apparatus
W Chen, P Gaal, J Montojo, T Luo, X Luo
US Patent 8,848,520, 2014
Method and apparatus for supporting single-user multiple-input multiple-output (su-mimo) and multi-user mimo (mu-mimo)
AY Gorokhov, J Montojo, W Chen
US Patent App. 12/854,431, 2011
Method and apparatus for power control of first data transmission in random access procedure of FDMA communication system
W Chen, J Montojo, A Meylan
US Patent 8,494,572, 2013
Physical random access channel (PRACH) transmission in multicarrier operation
JM Damnjanovic, J Montojo, P Gaal, W Chen, SYD Ho
US Patent 8,526,374, 2013
Physical layer issues related to multi-TA group support
W Chen, JM Damnjanovic, P Gaal, H Xu, T Luo
US Patent 9,001,780, 2015
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