Silvia Bulgheresi
Silvia Bulgheresi
University Assistant, University of Vienna
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A complex journey: transmission of microbial symbionts
M Bright, S Bulgheresi
Nature Reviews Microbiology 8 (3), 218-230, 2010
Chemosynthetic symbionts of marine invertebrate animals are capable of nitrogen fixation
JM Petersen, A Kemper, H Gruber-Vodicka, U Cardini, M Van Der Geest, ...
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A new C-type lectin similar to the human immunoreceptor DC-SIGN mediates symbiont acquisition by a marine nematode
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Role of N-acetylglucosamine within core lipopolysaccharide of several species of gram-negative bacteria in targeting the DC-SIGN (CD209)
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Symbiosis, 2004
Nematode-bacterium symbioses—cooperation and conflict revealed in the “Omics” age
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Human Dendritic Cell-Specific Intercellular Adhesion Molecule-Grabbing Nonintegrin (CD209) Is a Receptor for Yersinia pestis That Promotes Phagocytosis by …
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Molecular characterization of the symbionts associated with marine nematodes of the genus Robbea
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Enterobacter sakazakii targets DC-SIGN to induce immunosuppressive responses in dendritic cells by modulating MAPKs
R Mittal, S Bulgheresi, C Emami, NV Prasadarao
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Host Langerin (CD207) is a receptor for Yersinia pestis phagocytosis and promotes dissemination
K Yang, CG Park, C Cheong, S Bulgheresi, S Zhang, P Zhang, Y He, ...
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Host-polarized cell growth in animal symbionts
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Sequence variability of the pattern recognition receptor Mermaid mediates specificity of marine nematode symbioses
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Size-independent symmetric division in extraordinarily long cells
N Pende, N Leisch, HR Gruber-Vodicka, NR Heindl, J Ott, ...
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Bacterial symbiosis maintenance in the asexually reproducing and regenerating flatworm Paracatenula galateia
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Asynchronous division by non-ring FtsZ in the gammaproteobacterial symbiont of Robbea hypermnestra
N Leisch, N Pende, PM Weber, HR Gruber-Vodicka, J Verheul, ...
Nature microbiology 2 (1), 1-5, 2016
Yersinia pestis Interacts With SIGNR1 (CD209b) for Promoting Host Dissemination and Infection
K Yang, Y He, CG Park, YS Kang, P Zhang, Y Han, Y Cui, S Bulgheresi, ...
Frontiers in immunology 10, 96, 2019
Inscuteable-dependent apical localization of the microtubule-binding protein Cornetto suggests a role in asymmetric cell division
S Bulgheresi, E Kleiner, JA Knoblich
Journal of Cell Science 114 (20), 3655-3662, 2001
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