Ileana Pereda Reyes
Ileana Pereda Reyes
Profesora Titular, Universidad Tecnológica de La Habana "José Antonio Echeverría" (Cujae)
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Anaerobic co-digestion of solid slaughterhouse wastes with agro-residues: synergistic and antagonistic interactions determined in batch digestion assays
J Pagés-Díaz, I Pereda-Reyes, MJ Taherzadeh, I Sárvári-Horváth, ...
Chemical Engineering Journal 245, 89-98, 2014
Co-digestion of different waste mixtures from agro-industrial activities: kinetic evaluation and synergetic effects
JP Díaz, IP Reyes, M Lundin, IS Horváth
Bioresource Technology 102 (23), 10834-10840, 2011
Methane potential and biodegradability of rice straw, rice husk and rice residues from the drying process
LM Contreras, H Schelle, C Sebrango, I Pereda Reyes
Water Science and Technology 65 (6), 1142-1149, 2012
Effect of liquid hot water pre-treatment on sugarcane press mud methane yield
LML González, IP Reyes, J Dewulf, J Budde, M Heiermann, H Vervaeren
Bioresource Technology 169, 284-290, 2014
Anaerobic co-digestion of sugarcane press mud with vinasse on methane yield
LML González, IP Reyes, OR Romero
Waste management 68, 139-145, 2017
Semi-continuous co-digestion of solid cattle slaughterhouse wastes with other waste streams: interactions within the mixtures and methanogenic community structure
J Pagés-Díaz, J Westman, MJ Taherzadeh, I Pereda-Reyes, ...
Chemical Engineering Journal, http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.cej.2015.03., 2015
Thermo-chemical pre-treatment to solubilize and improve anaerobic biodegradability of press mud
LML González, H Vervaeren, IP Reyes, A Dumoulin, OR Romero, ...
Bioresource technology 131, 250-257, 2013
Anaerobic digestion of sugarcane vinasse through a methanogenic UASB reactor followed by a packed bed reactor
A Cabrera-Díaz, I Pereda-Reyes, D Oliva-Merencio, R Lebrero, M Zaiat
Applied biochemistry and biotechnology 183, 1127-1145, 2017
Combined treatment of vinasse by an upflow anaerobic filter-reactor and ozonation process
A Cabrera-Díaz, I Pereda-Reyes, J Dueñas-Moreno, E Véliz-Lorenzo, ...
Brazilian Journal of Chemical Engineering 33, 753-762, 2016
A comparison of process performance during the anaerobic mono-and co-digestion of slaughterhouse waste through different operational modes
J Pagés-Díaz, I Pereda-Reyes, JL Sanz, M Lundin, MJ Taherzadeh, ...
Journal of Environmental Sciences 64, 149-156, 2018
Enhancement of anaerobic digestion of microcrystalline cellulose (MCC) using natural micronutrient sources
AG Suárez, K Nielsen, S Köhler, DO Merencio, IP Reyes
Brazilian Journal of Chemical Engineering 31, 393-401, 2014
Co-digestion of bovine slaughterhouse wastes, cow manure, various crops and municipal solid waste at thermophilic conditions: a comparison with specific case running at …
J Pagés-Díaz, I Sárvári-Horváth, J Pérez-Olmo, I Pereda-Reyes
Water Science and Technology 67 (5), 989-995, 2013
Anaerobic Biodegradation of Solid Substrates from Agroindustrial Activities — Slaughterhouse Wastes and Agrowastes
I Pereda Reyes, J Pagés Díaz, I Sárvári Horvath
Biodegradation and Bioremediation of Polluted Systems - New Advances and …, 2015
Energetic, economic and environmental assessment for the anaerobic digestion of pretreated and codigested press mud
LML González, IP Reyes, JP Garciga, EL Barrera, OR Romero
Waste Management 102, 249-259, 2020
Co-digestion of different waste mixtures from agro-industrial activities: Kinetic evaluation and synergetic effects
J Pagés, I Pereda, M Lundin, I Sárvári
Bioresource technology 102 (23), 10834-10840, 2011
Solid mining residues from Ni extraction applied as nutrients supplier to anaerobic process: optimal dose approach through Taguchi's methodology
I Pereda, R Irusta, S Montalvo, JL Del Valle
Water science and technology 54 (9), 209-219, 2006
Effects of the support material addition on the hydrodynamic behavior of an anaerobic expanded granular sludge bed reactor
T Pérez-Pérez, GT Correia, WH Kwong, I Pereda-Reyes, ...
Journal of Environmental Sciences 54, 224-230, 2017
Anaerobic digestion technologies for the treatment of pig wastes
T Pérez-Pérez, I Pereda-Reyes, D Oliva-Merencio, M Zaiat
Cuban Journal of Agricultural Science 50 (3), 343-354, 2016
Mathematical Modeling of the Hydrodynamics of an EGSB Reactor
GT Correia, T Perez-Perez, I Pereda-Reyes, DO Merencio, M Zaiat, ...
Journal of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering 8 (6), 2014
Anaerobic digestion of wastewater rich in sulfate and sulfide: effects of metallic waste addition and micro-aeration on process performance and methane production
S Montalvo, C Huiliñir, R Borja, A Castillo, I Pereda
Journal of Environmental Science and Health, Part A 54 (10), 1035-1043, 2019
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